Friday, October 12, 2007

Oregon Grape Root

As my nipple still hasn't healed, my friend recommended using WishGarden's Cord Care powder on it. It helped heal her baby's sore on his privates after nothing else would help. It contains Goldenseal and Oregon Grape root dusting powders.

After looking it up, it seems that Oregon Grape root is good for a LOT of things. This site claims it works for:
´ Abdominal fullness and distention
´ Constipation alternating with diarrhea
´ Foul-smelling loose stools,
´ General feeling of heaviness,
´ Nausea,
´ Reduced appetite,
´ Reduced thirst although with the sensation of dry mouth,
´ Sticky, thick, and yellow or green mucous discharges,
´ Watery, oozing skin eruptions, and
´ "Red" symptoms: red tongue, hot flushes, bad temper, rapid pulse.

This site states, "Oregon Grape root has been used traditionally to support the bodys ability to resist infection."

Most sites don't recommend Goldenseal for kids, but it won't seriously harm them.

So, I just started trying it this morning. I'm gonna try to get most of it off before nursing, but at least I know it won't seriously harm her. Hopefully it will work to heal me faster!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


As a ritual, I've been taking showers in the morning while Karrots is content without being held. My mom's been trying to get her to play with her links and has gotten her to grab then when working with her. So, I've decided to leave them with her in case she get bored while I'm showering. When I got out of the shower this morning, this is what I found...

Good grip baby!

Karrots' Pacifier

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday!

My husband came home with Jamba Juice (my favorite!), birthday candles and party hats...

Big Red lighting the candles on my Jamba Juice

Party hats!

Even Karrots got one! (She was napping.)

He also got me the movie, Camelot (LOVE it!), a case for my iPod, a couple belly button rings, (I guess he's not completely turned off by my stretch marks!) and a card, which read:

My dear, my better half

You make my life complete. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife

and he wrote:

My true love, wife, lover, companion, friend and oh so much more.

All these facets of you make you the perfect gem.

I couldn't imagine these few years spent with you any other way, and I look forward to many, many more.


Big Red



This past Sunday the speaker was Andy Glover. He is part of Revival to the Nations and is one of my favorite speakers. (During worship Karrots got hungry...and then I didn't get to sit in service, but I DID pick up on some of what was said.) Prior to Andy coming on there were quite a few testimonies. After a few of them, one of the guys in our congregation talked noted how things in the physical echo things in the spiritual.

That got me thinking...

In my physical I have part of my nipple missing because of a bad latch. Now, how does that relate to my spiritual?

I haven't been "on fire" for God lately. Our church is doing a fast and I have read my Bible a bit, but this is not the height of my spiritual walk. As a new mom, I've been reading the Word to Karrots, worshiping and dancing with her, and praying over her, but the passion isn't burning like it used to. I used to weep in worship, not being able to stand, but feeling an overwhelming urge to get on the floor in humble adoration. When the lyrics read, "I'm falling on my knees", I fell on my knees...not this week...or any week for the past number of weeks.

Why? I haven't been spending quality time with least not like I used to.

How does that relate to my physical condition?

Breastfeeding is an intimate act where the baby rests in her mother's arms, experiencing the heat of her body, her scent, the nutrition that flows from one of her most intimate parts...Feeding is a learned relationship between the mother and baby, requiring trust and time.

I've been lacking in this with God. God doesn't just have the fatherly qualities, but motherly qualities as well. I haven't sat down long enough to digest the nutrition from His Word...the Bread of Life. I haven't been making time to curl up in His arms and let His scent rub off on me...

During worship they played the song, "So Close." The lyrics are:

I want to be so close to You and worship You face to face
Surround me of Lord in Your arms of love...
Closer and closer, oh Lord, draw me closer to You

So close to You that Your eyes reflect my face
So close to You that Your breast becomes my breath
You are here so close to me
I am here so close to You

I don't think I've been latching on to His Word correctly. If I truly understood - chewed on and digested - the gospel, my life would be more transformed. I wouldn't be able to live without His intimacy every second.

Andy spoke on intimacy and love. He noted that you can't have love without intimacy. I WISH I heard the rest of the sermon because I know this is where my father differs from my Father. My dad doesn't quite know how to express love. He hasn't come to visit Karrots since we took her out of the hospital because he thinks we live in a shoe box. How is this love? He wants more for his daughter. My dad doesn't know how to be serious and intimate. He shows his love by joking and making fun of us. It's something my brother and I have caught on to, although, lately it's not so funny.

God simply loves questions asked. If we're not living our life to the fullest, He'll interrupt it. If we're spending time and energy on anything other than Him, He may take it away. He is a jealous God and desires intimacy with His children. The true way to show love is to be intimate.

Lord, help me take steps to become more intimate with You. Give me a deeper desire for Your Word and for prayer. Keep me reminded that prayer is not a chore, but an amazing gift of communication with our Maker. Help me raise my daughter to know intimacy. I don't want to fear it, but run to it. Make me vulnerable to love.

Interesting Birthday Weekend

Karrots in her "precious star" outfit

We had a long, exhausting weekend...

Big Red's sister and neices came down this weekend to stay with us. Mind you, we've always thought of our apartment as small...and it is...but we found that a queen size blow up mattress DOES fit in our living room!

Queen size mattress in our apartment

Saturday evening we had a barbeque at my parents' house. My mom is an angel for putting it all together last minute and letting me invite friends! AND my friends are angels for putting up with my dad...he had a bit to drink. Two of my friends that were there are from foreign countries so my dad started an argument with one claiming, without knowing him, that he was bleeding this country dry. I am SO glad my friends aren't over sensitive and that this particular friend has a great heart for God and no room for offense. The whole time the conversation went on Big Red and I were in the other room hearing bits and pieces and wincing every time my dad opened his mouth...

Dad, I love you and you need to cut the alcohol...especially around Karrots and my friends.

My uncle and aunt also came and meet Karrots. They're the first of my relatives to...besides my parents and brother. With the holidays coming up, I'm sure she'll end up meeting most of them.

The Gombojavs , Carrie and her kids, Gisselle and her fiance, Miguel, and Amy, Mary and Michael Jimenez (Karrots' namesake was at homecoming - how fun!) joined us.

Big Red teaching our neice how to play pool

We got home a little late, but all the excitement had Karrots sleeping for over 6 hours straight (both Sat. and Sun.), so that's a plus!

Sunday morning we had church and then headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Duarte. It was Carrie's suggestion. I wasn't so sure about going as I hadn't had Karrots out for dinner and couldn't picture how we'd eat - pass her around? When we came in with Karrots in her car seat they gave us a stand for it. Brilliant! God so provided! By the way, for all you health freaks, you have the option on wheat or non-gluten pasta now!

Marci checking up on Karrots

After lunch, we came back and took pictures of all the cousins (Marci, Becca, and Karrots) in our "lush landscaping."

Marci holding Karrots

Aren't they adorable?

Rebecca holding Karrots


Carrie and I picking up

We had a blast with the girls! Big Red especially! In one game they played, the girls would lay down on the bench and explain to Big Red that the one thing he cannot do is lay on them while they're napping...all the while hoping he would! At one point, while he was rough housing with them, he managed to help Marci's tooth out.

Marci with her tooth out

Rebecca had fun with Karrots. As her mother is pregnant, she is going to be an excellent big sister! She would play itsy bitsy spider with her, humming as her fingers crawled up Karrots. It was adorable!

Rebecca playing with Karrots...

...even when Karrots wouldn't turn her head to look at her

Rebecca giving Karrots a kiss

Marci giving Karrots a kiss

Marci checking out Karrots on the bed

When it was time to leave, the girls were crying. I understand...Big Red can be a lot of fun!

Sunday night Big Red and I had a date night. This was the first since we had the baby. We dropped her off at my mom's, nursing her before we left, and walked to get food. It was really nice being able to be alone with my husband again. Of course, we now understand why couples with new babies look so exhausted on dates and simply want to sleep when they're alone.

We had some Mexican food and headed to Baskin Robins for ice cream. (I had a coupon for a free scoop for my birthday, which they didn't honor because the guy gave me a bigger scoop.) As we chowed down on ice cream, breaking the fast for sweets, my mom called. She sounded a bit frantic saying she just quieted Karrots and was wondering when we were coming back as she'd been crying for quite a while. So, we headed back. Karrots was sleeping when we got there.

Lesson: Make sure to leave milk next time.

All in all it was a good weekend. We got to hang out with family and friends and spend some quality time alone.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Karrots' Hernia

Here it is! A little weird, but if you play with it then it gurgles and goes in...