Friday, September 28, 2007

Breast Shells

As an attempt to join society, I had my mother pick up a pack of AVENT Breast Shells. The pack comes with two sets of shells: one specifically for catching milk, the other for helping ventilate your nipples.

When I got them I thought, "YEAH! Now I should have NO problem getting out as my nipples will be well aired out." Well, after a couple outings I've discovered a couple things. First, don't bend over when you are wearing the ventilating shells. Reason being: if you have ANY milk in them it will pour out...and I mean POUR! Second, once any moisture is in the venting shells, your nipples do NOT stay dry. My scabs turned into open, moist sores.

All my hope has been dashed! Big Red suggested drilling more holes into the ventilation shells, but then I'd DEFINITELY leak. I guess, if I wasn't so lazy, I could make regular trips to empty them out and dry them completely. Back to being fully exposed at home! At least if I use the shells I can leave the apartment without having to spend 5 mins. to detach a breast pad!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So I called Simona today to ask her a few questions.

First, I found that my stitches will just dissolve and no worries or anything to do there. The doctor had told me that but I just wanted to make sure.

Second, we received explanations of our benefits from our insurance company on a few claims, including the ultrasound where the doctor wrongfully changed my due date. This one wasn't covered at all by our insurance because the doctor wasn't "in-network". I let her know to have her clients check with their insurance before she sends them somewhere. She assumed it would be under the hospital, not doctor, and would be covered.

Third, I confronted her about the issue of sweeping my membranes. I noted that her colleague had told us that is what she had done and asked why she thought it would have been okay since we specified against it in our birth plan. She denied doing a sweep. I'm not 100% sure I trust her seeing that the exam WAS longer and hurt a LOT more and that Maria told me that is what she had done.


Pictures of Karrots

My new favorite picture...

...more pix of our little angel...

PS: These are the pix that were on MY camera! We found the charger so expect many more better quality shots!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Karrots Sleeping

This is Karrots' routine in waking up. She goes quite a few rounds before she actually wakes up...

Einstein Baby

Some may call it gas, but at a bridal shower on Saturday our pastor's wife said Karrots smiled and talked (coo'ed) to her. She was very impressed and kept calling Karrots the Einstein baby all day...

That would be something she got from her daddy...