Friday, September 21, 2007

Reason not to use a pacifier... may confuse the baby in latching.

Maybe we'll save the ones we got for later...when she's doing much better feeding...

Got Milk?

Big Red and I had Domino's pizza last night and got the Oreo dessert pizza they're promoting. (I healthy!) I tried it and as Big Red was asking how it was I started lactating (obvious to him as the one side is exposed). He cracked up thinking it would somehow make the perfect commercial.

Glad to be your muse, honey!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


As my nipple is still healing, I've been going around the house with it hanging out. I hear it's supposed to help the healing process for it to be airing out. This is quite an experience! I've been wearing a nuring bra with it permanently open on the right and a rag or burp cloth hanging from it to collect any leakage. At night I'm learning to sleep on my right side so I leak directly on a cloth.

With all this we haven't had many visitors. Not because we wouldn't enjoy them, but because, for some reason, no one wants to come over. Honestly, after the birth, I think I've lost all modesty. I believe that staying in a hospital and having strangers help you use the restroom and pop a baby out can do that to you.

My mom, who has been sick for the past week or so, came over yesterday. I had no urge to put myself away. My husband doesn't mind...except he finds it a tease. (I think Karrots sees it as a tease as well.) He seems to open the front door without a second thought while I'm sitting facing it. My girlfriend, who hasn't seen the baby, is coming over today and when I told her how it was, she noted that she has boobs and it's nothing she hasn't seen before. (Note: I wish all women had that attitude with breastfeeding!)

I've posted on cafemom about it and gotten all sorts of encouragement saying that I'm doing what's best for baby and to not give up. It's nice to know I'm not the first to live such a life and that there is an end - it does get better. This just wasn't something I had heard about prior to having our baby...sort of a surprise, especially to hear how typical it is.

So, as of yet, if you don't see me out and about, just know that I'm living somewhat as a hermit, waiting for God to send down His healing on my nipple. I think He may be forcing me to relax and recover with this...that's just how my Daddy is with me at times since I won't stop and smell the roses any other way!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Phone Pix

As I've lost my camera charger, the phone is the only camera I have...enjoy!

Redheads are here to stay!

We'd heard from a friend that there are those who believe red-heads will be extinct by 2060.

Well, according to Howstuffworks - they're here to stay!

I guess Big Red was so worried that he looked it up!