Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Two years ago today my hubby brought me to Macaroni Grill and asked me to be his girlfriend! Actually, it was more like, "Will you be my girlfriend with the purpose of considering marriage?" Well, I said yes and yes...and here we are! That was the first time we held hands, too!

Happy anniversary honey! Thank you for was one of the best decisions I've ever made! You're truly a gift from God and I look forward to the rest of our lives together!

Clamping Decision

So...I stayed home yesterday, nesting and cruising the web, checking my mail and myspace and decided to sign up for Cafe Mom. I played with my profile, linking it to this blog, and looked up groups for natural birth and expecting moms, etc.

Anyway, time passes by and I get a comment on one of my blogs from someone who found me through Cafe Mom. She posted a comment on my last midwife appointment warning me about Simona because a friend had a bad experience. As I went to check out her blog someone from MSN wanted to add me to their contacts. The name sounded familiar so I okayed it.

A few minutes later that person IMs me and says she is the one who was warning me about Simona. I asked her for more information and here's the story:
Well, my friends had used Simona throughout pregnancy, and in the end decided on a home birth. They didn't tell Simona, and kept seeing her for prenatal care, etc. My friend freaked out in transition ( they had not called the home birth midwife yet ) and told her husband to take her to Simona, that she wanted to be in the hospital and get an epidural. So they went. She ended up showing up pushing, and had the baby 15 minutes later. Because she was GBS+ (even though had been doing hibiclense washes and garlic treatment ), Simona proceeded to lecture them *while mom was pushing!!* about the dangers of not getting the 4 hours of antibiotics, threatened them about their babies health. And then when they wanted to leave 24 hours after the birth, she threatened to call CPS if they left AMA.

Because the also refused the PKU testing, Simona told them that if their baby showed up "retarded", as she so nicely put it....that it was THEIR fault, and to remember that. (This part seems typical as she has to warn her clients for legal reasons.)

She also cut the baby's cord immediately, even though parents requested to wait until it stopped pulsating...and my friend ended up with a retained placenta because Simona used aggressive traction on the cord before it was ready to come out.

I let her know that Simona was convinced that she had to clamp our baby's cord because I'm Rh- and it could cause some kind of jaundice. She ensured me that it wasn't necessary as they've never had to in the time she's been at deliveries - and she is Rh- as well. She quoted Robert Mendelsohn's book, "How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor", which is what I quoted in a previous post on Rh and clamping:
In Rh neg women, many people believe that it is the clamping of a pulsing cord that causes the blood of the baby to transfuse into the blood stream of the mother causing sensitization problems. Robert S Mendelsohn, M.D., in his book "How to Have a Healthy Child. . . In Spite of Your Doctor" blames the whole Rh neg problem on too quick clamping of the cord. Especially in Rh neg mothers I urge midwives to wait until the placenta is out before thinking about cord clamping.

She also gave me the following quote from a medical study on this website:
Delayed cord clamping reduces the risk of feto-maternal transfusion, which is especially important for Rh negative mothers (Lapido, 1971; Rogers et al, 1998). Delayed cord clamping reduces the risk of infection in both the mother and the baby because the mother has reduced clot formation if the maternal end of the cord is not clamped, and the baby has less stagnant blood left in the cord stump. Clots and stagnant blood provide an ideal environment for infection. The cord may separate more rapidly postnatally if cord clamping is delayed (Sleep, 1993).

As I still haven't been convinced that clamping the baby's cord was the best (as none of her reasoning makes any sense to me) I was glad to get some support! Big Red and I talked about it last night and have decided to cut the cord after it stops pulsing. If we need a reason - religious. I feel more at ease! Now onto praying about whether or not to take the Rhogam shot...I figure it the placenta comes out whole, I won't need it, but if it doesn't, I want to make sure my hubby and I are on the same page...once again, it's time to hit our knees and pray!

So, who is this godsend and what are her credentials? She's an assistant midwife who is being trained under my friend's midwife, Brenda, who brought 4 of my friend's kids into this world! She was even supposed to help deliver my friend's last baby! On top of that, she lives in the same city of Simona's birth center and was raised in the same city I was...going to a rival high school! What a kiss from God! (I'll have to admit, I thought maybe she'd gone through my blog and gotten all the information that was such a coincidence to have in common. I'm thanking Amy for my paranoia as she sent me an email warning about information you give out on the web.)

BTW - We ordered Mendelsohn's book...He is an advocate of avoiding vaccines, as his article states.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bill Nye - The Reason I Enjoy Science...

For nostalgic reasons - the theme song:

(I didn't realize it until I looked this stuff up that he taught on evolution...)

On Astrology:

Hot Frying Pan:



"The Faster You Push Me" Music Video:

...AND, in the same genre, I couldn't forget to mention Beakman's World. Just a trip down memory lane...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things to do with your Placenta

I found this website that has a few suggestions on what to do with the placenta. It gives instructions on planting your placenta, making placenta prints, and membrane art. There's also an article called "Traditional Chinese Medicine Placenta Preparation" that talks about making it a capsule and using it to help in recovering from childbirth (Daja - you first!). Directions:

To cook, wash excess blood from the placenta. Place it in a steamer over water. Place with it fresh ginger slices, half a lemon and a hot pepper. Steam for 15 minutes, turn, and steam 15 more minutes until no juice comes out when pricked with a fork. (Steam over low heat, it has a tendency to boil over and that's a mess.) The membranes and cord may be cooked with the placenta. It is helpful to turn the placenta to "Schultz," i.e., wrapped inside the membrane when you cook it. It will shrink tremendously, and wrapped in the membranes makes it easy to deal with for the next step. After steaming, slice the placenta in 1/8" strips, similar to making jerky. Sliceas thin as possible. Place the strips on a cookie sheet (over aluminum foil if you're squeamish) and place it in an oven on the lowest possible setting for several hours until completely brittle-dry. (Again like jerky) Using a fooddehydrator is even better, but will take longer. Powder the strips in a coffee grinder, and encapsulate.

There are also many other recipes for the placenta here as well, like placenta cocktail, spaghetti and stew! Mmmm! (I think I'll stick with trying to find someone who'd like to plant a tree with it!)

Interested in the history of placenta use? Here are a couple sites:
History of a ceremony
Gifts of the third stage
Passage: Rituals for Birthing

I found the following part of this story to be interesting:

After the ceremony proper, we had a friend say the blessing over the wine and bread. The candles were put out, and we moved outside where, in a fine mist, we planted a fruit tree over Gabriel's placenta. With great joy we all returned indoors to a wonderful buffet. We shared the story of Gabriel's birth, and many people held him for the first time. Everyone felt warmed and blessed.

It is a tradition that the wood from Gabe's tree should be used to build his marriage canopy. This idea gives me a wonderful sense of completion, a sense that the day of his "bris," the home of his childhood, the many plums that will have filled his little belly through the summers of many years will be with him the day that he steps into another chapter of his life.

I also found a video of people planting one!

If anyone knows of a site that has more information on things done with placentas, like how far planting dates back, etc., please let me know!

Co-sleeper Pics

For those interested, we took pictures of what the co-sleeper looks like all set up. Here they are:

I've kept it mostly cleaned out except the Boppy and the bear that makes womb noises. I know not to keep them in there when Jr. arrives, but haven't quite found another convenient place for them as of yet.
I also took a shot of some progress on the "baby's area"...Before:


I took the day off today to do some nesting and get some rest. It doesn't look like much (and it isn't, unless you remember the pregnancy factor), but I've found a place for the stuff in the big gift bag (mostly feeding things) and the rolls of paper in the way back left. I also did some baby laundry. I haven't filled up the diaper stacker yet as we have newborn size and Huggies size 1 and I'm waiting to meet Junior before I decide what goes in it!

O! And FYI - I found that Bactine works temporarily for the belly itch. I had taken it out when checking on my belly piercing and read on it that it helps itch. Yeah!

Prego Pix

It's well past that time again! These were taken 8/8/07 - at 38 weeks. (Ignore the mess in the background!)

Does this look like an over-due belly?!

I made sure to get the pics with my shirt up so you could tell it wasn't a basketball!

BTW - the Dr. we went to that weeks told me to let all of you know that the V scar on my belly is from a belly button ring. He told me that I should warn all my friends what happens when you get pregnant. I didn't say it, but I was thinking, "but my husband likes my belly button ring so the prego part might not have happened were it not for the ring..." For those of you who are curious, it hasn't closed up yet! I wore the ring until I couldn't (the stretching really hurt). My hubby got me the special prego ring that's just a wire with beads on the end. It looked weird so I didn't wear it, but I put it through every month to see if it's closed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Country Lyrics!

My husband makes fun of country music all the time. I like it, but I see his point in some of it. I thought I'd share some of his antics...

Have you heard that song, "I Need You" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill? (The video is here.) Anyway, the lyrics go, "I need you like a needle needs a vein..." My creative husband likes to sing the next time as "like an addict needs cocaine!" I'll have to admit, this line makes lame lyrics (of course that may be my hate of needles). Of course the lyrics, "like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost" make it better!

How about the song, "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood? (Video is here.) It's about a woman who is extremely bitter at an ex for cheating on her and decides to destroy his truck as revenge. My husband likes to note how it encourages rage in women and cracks up as I sing it at the top of my lungs. Of course, he'd never cheat on me, but just in case he gets any funny ideas... *;o) (I think it would be hilarious if the video ended and her ex goes to a different truck, pointing out that she had destroyed the wrong one...oops!)

Then there's the Sim's version of country with the song, "I'm My Own Grandpa". Sad times...

I'm My Own Grandpa

Of course he's sorta fond of the song "Ticks" from Brad Paisley where he quotes, "I'd like to check you for ticks!" I think the song is lame (and immoral), but my husband has grasped the phrase as a husband's great excuse...need I say more?

These aren't the only songs he mocks, just the ones I can remember...

I find it humorous because when we were dating I'd email him lyrics to country songs and he'd be all for them until I dropped the bomb on him that they were country songs. No renigs!

This includes Van Zant's song, "Help Somebody" where the lyrics state, "if you wanna hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." He also fell for our wedding song, "From This Moment On" - Shania Twain and Bryan White. I'm not sure I understand the video, but the lyrics were perfect! My husband totally shocked me as he knew and sang every word during our first dance as husband and wife. Romantic!

Spirituality of Potty Training

I just read this article, A Cry Like No Other, and thought I'd post it if ya'all are interested. The author state,s "What a metaphor for being human. We hate our excrement, be it relational, emotional, spiritual, or whatever, but we keep making it and are unable to distance ourselves from it. We need companions to advise us, cheer us on, and help us clean up after ourselves."

For all you out there with babies, there is SO much we can learn about God and His relationship with us through parenting. I can't wait!

Midwife Appointment

First off, I had a few contractions this morning. I was hoping my dad was right and we'd have the baby today, but alas, it probably won't happen.

We saw Simona today and had an exam and whatnot. I let her know about my plug from last week. After the exam she said my cervix is thinner and lower (meaning the baby's dropped more, I believe) and that she's sticking to my Aug. 22 due date as she doesn't expect me to have the baby within the next couple days. Shucks! I should have known as I haven't been feeling any different.

She asked what the doctor said last week and I let her know he was for the Aug. 22 due date as well. I also told her he had questioned the herbal pills and if they worked. She said something along the lines of, "I tell him what we do and he seems to always forget."

Simona also mentioned that she'll be giving us the placenta after the birth. It's like $200 disposal fee so she likes to suggest to bury the placenta and plant a tree or something over it. She told us a story of a husband who insisted on taking it home and cooking it. He fried it with soy sauce and said it wasn't bad. I don't think we'll be doing that!

I'll keep you guys updated when/if anything changes...ever. *;o)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Once again...not yet...

After getting phone calls from my mom all weekend (Fri. night, 2 on Sat. and one on Sunday morning - now she's out of town, having demanded we don't have the baby until after Wed.) and running into people I've never met in my life who think they know me well enough to tell me when I'll have the baby and just how big I am, I'm starting to understand people's advice on not letting people know the actual due date (or anything that's going on) and why people stay home during the last couple weeks (i.e. to avoid contact with anyone with an opinion). I'm stoked about having this baby, but I don't need the stress (which, I hear, delays labor).

Thanks to all of you who have been eagerly awaiting news and yet have somehow held back on the comments and calls of "not yet?!", "why isn't the baby out yet?" and "you haven't started labor yet?!" I'm sure it's out of empathy and experience. I will never pester a pregnant woman again as to if the baby's out or not!

I do have a midwife appointment tomorrow so I'll find out if I've made any "progress" toward having the baby and let you all know. I'm getting close to desiring to suck my thumb and such to help welcome labor.

For some reason, this past week has brought on a new sensation of an itchy belly. Anyone with ideas on how to stop the itch? I've tried the thickest of shea butter, biosilk and baby lotion. It's driving me bonkers!