Friday, August 3, 2007

And I'm Left Heart-broken...

Big Red and I had planned to go to the 7-11 Kwik-e-Mart in Burbank today and in looking at their website I found nothing but an error. So, I looked on the Simpsons Movie website and found this...

*tear! Only for July...*tear! I hope this depression doesn't prolong my labor...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Casa Hogar Update - Baptism

After hearing from two men, I finally got some of the story as to the baptism that they had at Casa Hogar last weekend.

The official number is 12 kids got baptised. There were 2 girls and 10 boys. They were given Bibles according to their age. The younger boys got comic strip Bibles and the older girl got a young woman of faith Bible. The group brought robes from CCV for the kids to be baptised in as well.

The husband leader of the Pan Dulce trips (family oriented), Mike, was the one who baptised the kids. Cisco, the one who leads the camping trips there, translated - which made it interesting. I guess he said "In the name of the Son, Father and Holy Spirit", mixing up the order, and that he wasn't translating the end speaking of the kids dying to their old lives to have life again in Christ.

The group brought down cake and ice cream and the kids had a blast. It was an amazing time of family. The girls all attacked and threw in Cisco and then Cisco and Mike went after Eliseo, who is the husband of the woman who runs the place. Eliseo didn't budge, but the kids were able to attack him with splashes once Mike got him on the floor.

Yolanda, Mike's wife, said she talked to Soledad, who runs Casa Hogar, yesterday and she said she can already see a difference in the kids. Praise God!

They're not dedicating the school until September so maybe Big Red and I can make it by then. Yolanda let us know that we were missed. We both wish we could have been there, but we didn't feel that was in God's plans for us - going to Mexico 8/9 months pregnant.

We miss all you kids! I'll post pictures once Mike gives me a disc.

Who am I? - Casting Crowns

Midwife Appointment - Week 37...

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who have left me comments. It's great knowing that there are people who sympathize with me and who care. I've been doing pretty well most of the time. Yesterday I had a hard time with getting cramps in my inner thighs just by standing up. They seem to come out of nowhere. The baby also seemed to be practising his karate moves on all of my organs within reach...not comfortable. Last night I actually felt a few contractions. They were extremely faint, but I could tell what they were. Praise God He's preparing us for birth this way!

Anyway, we got to Simona's and I peed in my Dixie cup and weighed myself. I'm at 144 lbs. To get an idea of how much I've gained - I was 115 when we got married. Almost everyone has commented that it's all belly as it's hard to tell I'm pregnant from behind. Hopefully EVERY pregnancy will be this way!

The midwife-in-training did my regular exams - blood pressure, fondus, and baby's heart beat. In measuring the heart beat she said it was perfect. She also felt around my belly and noted that the placenta is on the left side and she could feel the baby's legs on the right and that the baby is head down.

Simona gave me a pelvic exam and said I probably won't be having the baby within the next 2 weeks. Of course, there's always a chance I could, but my cervix isn't at all dilated. Both her and the midwife-in-training measured my fondus to be 35cm, which is the same it was at two weeks ago. I noticed that baby started moving down just before the last appointment so it's possible it's due to him engaging. I, of course, also had to mention that the measurement contradicted what the perintologist said would happen.

While in the exam room we talked a bit. We let her know that Big Red and I decided to give the baby the eye ointment. In our last visit she mentioned it would be given an hour after birth so my thoughts are that we'll be fine with bonding. Plus, who knows what's in the tap water and tub and, as Simona mentions, if I'll poop in the water.

For pediatricians Big Red and I decided to go with my old least until we get tired of the drive and want to find someone closer. (Who knows? Maybe we'll move to Whittier since that's where all of our huge life changes seem to be happening!) She's out in La Habra and I already called and found out she doesn't do circumcision so we asked if we could use the doctor Simona is under. We'll be seeing him this coming Tues. simply to get to know him just in case. If anything goes awry (which, God willing, it won't!) he will be the one to perform any surgery. It'll also be nice to meet the person that Simona is practising under. I think she wants him to review our folder to see if he'd stick with our old due date.

We went to the birth room and got to run through the birthing tub routine as well, which I found to be an exciting surprise. She showed me how I'd get in, let me know I can sit however while in labor, what position I'd use for posterior, the squatting position for birth, how'd I get out, etc. Right after the baby's born she'll place him on my tummy and let me breastfeed a bit, then pass the baby off to my hubby for some skin-to-skin contact until I labored the placenta and got out of the water. From there we'll go to the exam room and check for tears, then spend time in bed bonding with the baby and breastfeeding. She'll give us plenty of bonding time before she weighs and measures the baby.

We also went over what to bring. She mentioned not to bring the whole house and to ensure we have juice as I'll need the sugar in labor. We already bought a couple Fuze drinks - Peach Mango and Banana Colada. They're full of vitamins and taste scrumptious!

We scheduled an appointment for the Tues. after next (which shows just how concerned Simona is about this baby coming any moment - not happening). We also paid off our bill. It's a nice feeling that we won't have to worry about it while I'm in labor.

She recommended taking red raspberry capsules to help tone my uterus in preparation for labor. She said it's supposed to help make the contractions more efficient. She's recommending the dosage based on my Aug. 22 due date so I'll be taking 2 capsules, 3 times daily, and adding another capsule every week. I'm also taking the Evening Primrose still.

So, now we wait...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Things to Ponder...


The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear. - Herbert Agar

It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time. - Tallulah Bankhead

Thoughts on Labor...

My midwife asks me every appointment, "what do feel about labor?" What do I feel about it? What's that supposed to mean?

So, I am going to attempt answer this question...

I know...
...labor is different for everyone. Some people have easy labor that lasts a few hours and others have hard labor that lasts for days.
...typically for first time mothers, labor lasts about 14 hours and is harder as those areas have never been so stretched.
...with the thought that I'm having a big kid, for my friend's biggest baby - over 9 pounds - she only labored just over 2 hours...but it was her 4th kid.
...that having the baby at a birthing center, there will be no option for pain medication.
...that having the baby in the water is supposed to ease labor pain - it's like a natural epidural.
...that with a water birth I am less likely to tear.
...that doing the perineal massage should help stretch the birth area out to make the 2nd stage of labor easier and help avoid tears.
...that taking the evening primrose oil is supposed to ready my cervix so hopefully there won't be a long pause in labor due to waiting on effacement.
...that having my husband and our friend as a doula will make a world of difference as I'll be fully supported the whole time.
...that contractions don't necessarily have to be painful, but are uncomfortable.

The thing I'm worried most about in labor is not knowing that it's started. Our midwife explains that I'll be getting contractions at a regular rate. I'm not even sure I've even FELT a contraction. On occassion I'll feel my tummy and note that it's hard, but the only reason I know it's hard is because I'm feeling it with my hand. Our plan is to go to my parents place to labor as we live rather far from the birthing center and they are just over the hill. If I figure out I'm in labor too late then we may have to be in the car for quite a while during the stronger contractions.

I know that the mucus plug is supposed to be a sign that labor's coming, but I can't see anything past my belly so I'm afraid I'll miss that little sign.

The next thing I'm worried about it having to go to the hospital. I have a very bad attitude toward doctors and don't know what I would do if I had to get a C-section. The doctor won't like having me there. I know that prayer works and that God knows the desire of my heart is NOT to see the doctor, but I wonder if He'd try to fix my attitude by giving me a reason to need a doctor. Yes, that's a messed up fear...

Honestly, I'm not anxious about the labor and birth. I can sorta blame by calmness on my husband as he just about never gets anxious over anything...which is one of the things I love about him. I won't know what kind of labor I'll have until I'm in then, there's nothing I can do. Also, I'll be covered in prayer and have a lot of support. We have the basic necessities as far as what the baby and I will need right after labor so he can come out whenever he's ready.

Lord, help me keep this calm, patient attitude. It'll all happen in Your timing...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pregnancy Journal

I was searching for pre-labor symptoms and found this journal by a lady named Heather. For those of you who love such stories, check it out!

Here are a couple exerpts that caught my attention:

"...strangers coo over pregnant women. That is not new to me, I've noticed it before, but this time it has changed. It happens when they decide to be brave enough to ask, "is this your first?" I have to chuckle and tell them "no" and that it is my fourth. All of the sudden, the cooing stops and the sympathy begins. As if it was an affliction I caught, not a pregnancy that I desired. I don't quite understand that. When it comes to strangers, the 'first' is such a blessing. The second is another blessing, but they hope for the opposite sex of the child that is plainly standing next to you. Dare you tell them it is the same sex and you can almost see the disappointment in their faces. Then the third deserves an "oh" and they are bold enough to ask if it was planned. But, with four, I guess there is not an expression. Since we've passed the 'was it planned' phase, they realize we are serious and really planned it - then think we are crazy. That is okay though. I still do feel blessed, with my first, second, third and even my fourth. But, if my hands keep swelling much more, I am soon going to have to take off my wedding rings. Then I can assume the conversations with strangers will be even more interesting and I will get even more 'looks.'

(wk 27)
The infamous pelvic pain I felt with the two girls is slowly beginning to return. It is then, that I feel REALLY old. I can't even turn over in bed due to the pain. Doing leg lifts, not that I am doing them, is absolutely out of the question. It is as if my legs just don't work properly. I can't lift them up. It wakes me up in a cold sweat if I turn over too quickly. It is hard to describe except it feels like my pelvic bones are cracking. There really is no pressure, just pain that grows more and more intense as time passes... (I've been having this!)

I buy our kids each 3 gifts for Christmas. That is it. OH! MY! I hear it now. Well, the first reason is the real meaning behind Christmas and that Jesus received 3 gifts from the kings...

I was curious, so I went online and researched some methods of self-inducing labor. I've heard about spicy hot wings, eggplant Parmesan, and Mexican food...(I have no problem in pigging out on Mexican food!)

Update from Quick Prayer Request

In a previous post I asked for prayer for my sister who was meeting her biological dad for the first time. As my friend asked about it, I just wanted to give a little update as to how it went.

They spent the whole weekend together, meeting at a park. She said it was a little akward meeting, but they clicked really well and got comfortable fast so it went really well. They ended up going miniature golfing, to the beach (parasailing!), and she showed him around, pointing out where she went to school, where she lived, etc. He also showed her where they lived when he and her mother were married.

I talked to her on Fri. and I guess quite a few people called her right as she got out of the car with him at home. She definitely felt everyone's prayers and it made her feel good to know people cared.

Their weekend ended with him planning for her to fly out and visit him November, December and January. It was more heart breaking to say goodbye than to meet him for the first time.

She mentioned she'll never be the same again - and that's a good thing. I can't imagine what it would feel like to finally get to know your biological dad.

Please keep her in your prayers! There is still a lot of hurt and apologizing/forgiveness that needs to happen.

Dr.'s are Evil...

Monday, July 30, 2007

God Provides!

So, being pregnant and the baby coming any day now I've been somewhat anxious about our living situation. I've been hoping my husband would find us a place with laundry hook-ups prior to the baby arriving so that we would be able to make use of the fuzzi bunz cloth diapers. I don't see our neighbors appreciating me bringing a huge load of dirty diapers down to the laundry mat in our complex to clean them. As no place has been found, I was to resolve myself to purchasing disposable diapers for a while until we moved.

Well, a couple ladies from church called and asked about getting us a diaper service temporarily as our gift. I wasn't going to look one up as I was hoping the cloth diapers would be a way of saving money and figured that a service would cost more than our savings. Well, God certainly wants me to rest in Him and trust in my husband and his timing.

My hubby and I have had a conversation on our timing for moving. I think it would be better to move before the baby comes (hoping I wouldn't have to help TOO much) because we wouldn't have to deal with lugging the baby stuff to a new place and it would give us a chance to get rid of stuff we haven't and probably never will use along with being settled before bringing the baby home. Big Red feels that with all the baby stuff going on it's too much of a hassle to move right now.

It's been somewhat of a challenge for me to simply rest and trust my hubby because I really wanted to have a washer and dryer by the time the baby came...and, of course, I want my way. I feel like their gift of the diaper service is God's little way of letting me know I need to trust that my husband is trusting God and, in turn, how to be a better wife. Baby steps...

Teach me contentment, Lord, whate'er my lot,
keeping my eyes on You in trust,
knowing Your love is true, Your way is just.

Teach me discontentment, Lord, with what I am;
daily striving, growing daily nearer,
finding You are daily cloer, dearer.

Contented, Lord, yet discontented make me,
both together working, blending
all in Your own glory ending.
- Ruth Graham, Sitting by My Laughing Fire

In a post last month I mentioned Ruth Graham's book, Sitting by My Laughing Fire. This is one of my far!

Guess What Day it is!!

That's right...July 30...and supposedly, the baby is due today. Are we giving our hopes up?! I figure that if labor DOES start today, I'd have to hold the baby in because we CAN'T let the doctor be right!

Just a thought!


I guess pregnancy's been good for me!!

(Thank you Geeding for this site... )