Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snapfish Update

Me: Do you know which ornament came out blurry so I can get a different gift for that person?

Them: Hi Heather, Thank you for writing back to us. As you already received your order #38527430-06G and we suggest you to check the ornaments with you for the blurry print. Hope fully this clarifies your problem, if not please let us know.

They think I'm an idiot! They obviously don't communicate and this person has no clue that I wrote them asking where this order was as I have NOT received it.

Sorry...needed to vent!

Update: I called and they refunded my money. She said it's possible I could still get the package. She kept mentioning backorder, but that should have had anything to do with my order as their system stated it was completed and shipped. Oh well! For my family - you may be getting a gift a little late.


Mrs. C said...

If they keep giving you grief and the issue is not resolved, I would threaten speaking with the state's Attorney General office in some offhand way. Here at least it's a free thing that the state does to try to protect consumers.

Hopefully it gets resolved, though. NOBODY wins when consumers and businesses have to duke it out.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thanks for the idea! Next time I duke it out with them it may be necessary! *;o)