Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy weekend!

Friday afternoon Big Red's sister, Melanie, came over. She spent the weekend with us. It was her first time meeting Karrots as she lives up in Cottonwood. We visited with her Friday.

Saturday, our friend, Jeff, called and was down here visiting our other friends so we all went over and hung out for a few hours. The women talked while the men played XBOX 360.

After, we hung out with the Spinks the rest of the day. We first went to the Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain. This is a fairly new tradition as of last year with them. As we walked in Mrs. Spink noted how we were newly married last year and the "awe!"s came.

Once we all stuffed our faces with malts and ice cream sodas, we headed to the Spinks for a Pinky & the Brain marathon. Big Red owns the first three seasons so we watched all we could until after 9:00 when we finally headed home.

Sunday we had church, which was AMAZING! Pastor's dad, Howard, came up on the mic and spoke on intimacy and how our small church needs to learn more about how to be intimate with each other. Last week Donna Nelson came up and shared her testimony, which was a beginning.

Howard pointed out the picture of intimacy we have with Big Red and Karrots. He stands and holds her every week. She just rests on him.

I even got up and shared a bit of my experience with intimacy in our breastfeeding adventure. At some point I had mentioned my dad and Howard noted that the church was to stop and pray for him. He pointed out that my dad was the only grandparent who was absent during Karrots' dedication and proceeded to pray for his salvation. I, of course, broke down in tears when he mentioned it.

When service ended we headed to our friends' house, the Jimenez. It was Amy's birthday and Jenae was finally home again! She had been off in Iowa living with her biological father that she finally met just before Karrots was born this year. It was nice seeing everyone together again.

Our church had Christmas Around the Fireside this year at Ovation, where our services are held. Our pastor's wife even found a fireplace prop to go with the occasion. We had the typical Christmas songs, with the option of asking to sing one and if pastor and Kevin didn't know it, we were to teach it.

Pastor and Kevin leading Christmas songs.

Dave Thompson holding Karrots

Big Red, Karrots, and I got to sit with a couple we didn't know very well. It was nice to live out the sermon and get intimate and familiar with our church body. Karrots got passed around as we sat and visited.

We had our traditional "gong" show as well. Here are a few of the presentations:

(I'll try to post others on a different post.)

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun! We also had a smorgasbord of little food trays, like BBQ wieners, chips and dip, taquitos, cookies, etc. At the end of the party our pastor handed out books that he wants us to read during a fast he announced we're having in January. He's encouraging us to fast entertainment and whatever else God puts on our hearts, all to work on being intimate with God. Our house church pastors are going to be calling up people from our groups to see what insight they had on different chapters through the fast.

We didn't get home until around 10 and then had to get up extra early on Monday to go down to Mexico. Yes, this was Karrots' first time down! I was quite anxious. We met my mom around 7 am and headed out. We made a couple stops. One for feeding Karrots and the other for getting food, gas and insurance...and feeding Karrots. The whole time in the car Karrots wasn't happy unless she was sucking on my finger. It helped calm her down to sleep as I played with her hair as well.

Karrots sucking my finger

We got to Casa Hogar around 1 pm. There were a few changes, like the entrance was on the other side of the property and the school looked almost done.

It was weird to see the kids. The ones we knew were excited to see us and Karrots. Big Red got out and played with them as he always has. I just carried Karrots around in the Maya wrap.

The purpose of this trip was to come down to see Lucia's graduation. She is one of the girls who used to be at Casa Hogar. She lives with her sisters and her sister's husband, Carlos. The oldest sister, Mari, is more like a mother to the rest.

Well, Lucia had told me about it on-line and said she'd talk to Soledad about us following her to the graduation. When we got to Casa Hogar we found out that Soledad was in San Diego. No one had her phone number and she was the only one who had Carlos' phone number.

After hanging out a while, someone mentioned that we should try to find Carlos at the Institute he teaches at, which is down the road. As he was more than likely going, he should know where it is. We rushed over there and didn't find him, but we found a guy named David. He was from Arkansas and has been living there for a couple month and hardly knew any Spanish. He showed us who to talk to so we all played telephone, calling the director of the Institute to call Carlos.

We found out the graduation wasn't until 5 and that they'd swing by around 4 so we could follow them.

While we waited to find that out...and for them...Big Red spoke with David and one of the students got to practise his English on my mother and I. It was a total God thing that we met David and a real encouragement to all of us. He's a fairly new Christian (3 yrs.) and had been led down there and decided to stay for a while.

The guys shared their testimony and what God's been showing them in their lives and even prayed for each other.

Big Red and David talking

Karrots sleeping on Grandma

Once Carlos, Mari and Itamar (her sister) showed up, we headed out to Ensenada for the graduation. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Carlos, Mari and Itamar, Lucia's family

Lucia receiving her diploma

Lucia giving her speech as valedictorian

Graduating class of 2007

There were only 9 graduates. At the beginning of the ceremony they had military there with drums and trumpets and they did a salute to their flag and their national anthem. It was strange to me. To salute the flag they had their hands perpendicular to their chest instead of laying on it. They also did something where they had their hands all pointing toward the flag. It looked like Nazi Germany.

After the graduation ceremony there was to be a children's Christmas play. We took off because it was already after 6:30.

Karrots didn't have the best time in the car. She was exhausted from not having a normal nap all weekend and little sleep the night before. She slept in people's arms, in her car seat, on people's floors and a bed. Poor thing!

We didn't get home and to bed until after 1. We (Karrots and I) slept in until noon and she's been taking plenty of naps. Now it's time to recover!

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