Monday, December 10, 2007

Apartment Hunting

As most of you who know us know...we're looking for a new place. Why? Well, our place is about 500 sq. ft. for one. We're still looking for a one bedroom (for price...unless a 2 is under our limit), but want washer and dryer...and we're hoping for under $1,200/mo. Yes, those exist in So. Cal...they're just hard to find. We also need to be able to park 2 cars.

We checked out a place in Montrose on Friday. It's not MUCH bigger than here, but it's got a 2 car garage under the apartment that is rather large (same size as the apartment). It's already got a washer and dryer and fridge. It has a patio out back that's a good size and a balcony upstairs. I think it even has more wall room.

Even though I'd still have to go outside to do laundry (that's the only way to get to the garage), at least I'd be able to use the cloth diapers! The manager even said he'd remove the units if we want to put in our own. No, we don't have any, but it's a nice option just in case.

It's in a quiet neighborhood, a back house duplex - which there are PLENTY of in Montrose. It's $1,225/mo. with at least a year lease. It's like 15 mins. closer to Big Red's work as well and right by downtown so we could have a nice family walk in a safe area.

There was already a guy who was harassing the manager to get the apartment. I'm not sure how much the manager wanted him there if he was still showing the place. When he showed us the patio he mentioned how great it would be for kids toys, so he sounded like he was still trying to "sell" the place.

We put an application in so we'll see!

We also had checked out a place in Tujunga. It's a 2 bedroom with the washer and dryer hookups inside by the kitchen. It would be perfect except the location. They had an upstairs and downstairs. Big Red was considering the upstairs just because it would be harder for someone to break into...not too safe!

Another place I checked out was in Hacienda Heights...literally walking distance from my parents'. It was $1,225 and came with washer and dryer stacked in a closet just inside. It was 680 sq. ft. (I believe) and had potential. It only had one car spot, but we could pay $39/mo for another spot. (We'd have parked a car at my parents' or on the street probably.) It required renter's insurance (not a bad idea!) and didn't have an elevator.

Well, that one rented that day so the next cheapest apartment there is like $1,325. Oh well! It would've been nice being next to grandma since Big Red and I want our kids semi-close together and, well, it doesn't take much for us to get pregnant.

Please be praying for us. I really want to move soon. Every morning Karrots' diaper overflows with pee and she has a wet spot on her belly. I'm afraid it'll keep her sick. If we get her in the cloth diapers at least we can experiment with multiple inserts to keep her dry. Also, it'll save us money.


Mrs. C said...

Yoweee... those prices!! Wow.

Maybe buy a bigger size disposable and save a chunk of money LOL!!

Sorry, those are *crazy* prices. Go on and check out the Kansas City area won't ya??

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Holy cow...we could purchase a house out of pocket!

Mrs. C said...

OK pack your bags! I'll see you in the spring LOL!!