Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Logan update

Big Red and I went to visit Kristin, Brian and the new baby last night. He's adorable, healthy, and slept the whole time. His little cry is so tiny!

While there Kristin was corrected. The baby's weight was 9 lb. 9 oz.! He was 22 1/2" long. Beautiful! We didn't get a picture yet, but hopefully soon.

Kristin looked amazing as well! She was up walking on her own, in her own clothes, tired from her 3+ days of you can imagine! She also had those annoying nurses who come in every 10 minutes to check your blood pressure. I have no idea how they expect a mother who just had a baby to recover without sleep! Poor Brian was falling asleep on the chair while we were there.

She told me a little about the labor and birth, which has further convinced me to have our next babies at home. She's been sick and most of their time at the hospital they wouldn't let her drink water or eat...just in case they needed a C-section. They said she didn't need it as she was hooked up to an IV, in which arm, consequently, she is in pain now.

The baby came out head up, which explains all the back labor she was experiencing. It was so severe she tried an epidural, which she was deathly afraid of. It wasn't until they administered the epidural that they told her it wouldn't help with the back pain. Thanks!

The hospital had her transfer beds once the baby's head was half way out. (How annoying!) The doctor wasn't even ready by then and so the nurses kept telling her not to push as she explained she had to. Once the baby was out the doctor told her she only needed 3 stitches, which is the best she's seen.

The baby passed the hearing test in less than 2 minutes, which amazed all the nurses. He's a healthy one!

Congrats you two again! You're going to be great parents!

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