Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From a Friend - Cord Clamping

This is from my girlfriend, Christy:

I attended a Neonatal Resuscitation class on Friday, because I have to be certified in it as long as I'm attending births. It was an excellent class.

I learned something new. Us natural birthers usually advocate to wait until the cord has stopped pulsating before clamping and cutting the cord. But does anyone know WHY?

I never knew that HALF of the baby's blood volume goes out from the baby during pushing/crowning, and backs up into the placenta to keep it well attached to the uterine wall until the baby is fully delivered. THEN the blood is naturally supposed to go from the placenta to the baby, as long as the cord is NOT clamped.

So what happens when the cord is clamped before the blood can go back to the baby?

* It will take over 6 months for the baby to replenish his blood volume lost during birth.
* It causes higher rates of newborn anemia, which in turn has been associated with Autism, heart perforations, thyroid disorders, brain tumors, leukemia, hormonal imbalances and liver/kidney disease.
* In the hospital, more than 1 in 16 babies require *some* degree of resuscitation efforts. The blood volume is not present to push the fluid out of the lungs, and replace it with air.
* The US has the 2nd highest infant mortality rate amongst industrialized nations, and early cord clamping is done routinely.
* Seizures are more common in babies who have lost blood, and have required any resuscitation efforts.

After taking this class, what happened to my son has made much more sense. He was delivered via cesarean, which doesn't squeeze fluid from the lungs as a vaginal birth does. His cord was clamped *immediately* and cut, and then required resuscitation efforts. He had 2 seizures within 20 minutes of birth, and couldn't leave the NICU until his oxygen sats were at 100% for over 24 hours. He spent 9 days there, while they did every test known to mankind to "figure out" the reason for the seizures.

FYI - I had insurance that paid for everything. I wondered for so long why they did so many tests. My son made them a lot of money.

So women, it's important to make sure that NO ONE touches that baby's cord until it's COMPLETELY done pulsating, and the baby has gotten his/her volume of blood back.Christy

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Flo Oakes said...

This was SO interesting. I read it to my husband...we thought it was sooo crazy that they lose HALF their blood volume!