Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is SOOO true! The doctors told both Kristin and I that our babies were due a month prior to our due dates simply because our babies were too big. My baby was 8 lb. 12 oz. and hers was 9 lb. 5 oz. Big? Well, bigger than most women think they can handle, but they weren't any 10 lb. 10 oz. baby!


The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Well, Elf was 10 lb. two weeks early and Emperor was 10 lb 4 oz. two weeks early. They were both induced not because they were "too big," but because they figured it was possible they would GET too big!!

And I can't imagine giving birth to an 11 pound baby vaginally or any other way for that matter. I'm OK with going two weeks early for that, but now actually doctors are more cautious and want people with "big babies" to wait until 39 weeks at least.

Which I would rather not do if babies gain about a pound a week at the end, you know?? But the doctors say that probably I can give birth to whatever size baby I have because I've had all these other kids before. They don't listen when I tell them, look, you can only stretch SO FAR before you'll tear or something. I've never had stitches before and don't want any, ever.

Mrs. C

Christy said...

LOL! You're too funny to link my story. It wasn't any great feat...I birthed the baby that God knit together in my womb. How very sad to still see women say that they will induce. Our bodies are absolutely amazing, and God created us with the ability to birth any size baby, perfectly. I will have to find the story, but the woman who came out to do the Neonatal Resuscitation Class with us, was present for a *home* birth of a baby girl who weighed in at 16.13lbs!!!! She said mom only had a few skid marks inside, NO tearing whatsoever. : )