Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Showers, Dr. Appointment, & Co-sleepers

Busy times! This weekend we had two baby showers (one was thrown by my church and the other by my mother) and yesterday was our doctor appointment. The shower also set us off on cleaning, organizing, and buying what else we needed...

Saturday was our church shower. It was rather quick but we hung out after. It started right on time with a couple games, one of which Big Red got to participate in. He came out with a balloon under his shirt that said how much he weighed when he was born. Yes, I got it on camera! I'll have to post the pictures when I get home (I'm at work). The games were followed by opening presents.

The first gift we opened was from our good friend, Daja. She made me a birthing bracelet with 15 beads, each representing an hour of labor (as first babies usually are 15 hours). It came with a pack of 15 cards. Each card had a Bible verse and something to remember about labor, like it's okay to vocalize. So, for every hour of labor I'll have a verse to meditate on and a little reminder of how to handle labor. (She should TOTALLY market this idea!)

We also got a rainforest bouncer, little girl outfit (from pastor's mom, who is prophesying a girl), a Hooter Hider, bath tub (and sponge), diaper pail (which I registered for because someone commented it was good for cloth), sippy cups, snack cups, color changing spoons (if too hot!), blankets, and the church ladies are going to be getting us a diaper service.

After the gifts, Diana opened the floor for advice. Here are a few things that I remember:
  • Accept help.
  • If you have a choice of laughing or crying - LAUGH!
  • When the kids grow up they won't remember how clean the house it, but they'll remember the time you spent with them.
  • Take the time to simply look at your kids and wonder - at who they are, who God made them, etc.
  • We're not expected to raise perfect kids.
  • Make sure to create a relationship with your kids that give them the security to come to you and confess, no matter how bad it is.
  • Watch your words - speak positive things into your kids' lives.
We were also given Is. 40:11 and Prov. 3:5.

That night Big Red's parents took us and my parents out to dinner. Good food, good company...what more could you ask for? We also hung out with his parents on Sunday. They went to church with us, then we had lunch, and they came over to check out our apartment and see what all we have for the baby (they had only seen our apartment before we got married - full of boxes!).

My mom's shower is more what I'm used to. It started at 3 with fellowship (for the small amount who were on time - mostly those helping out) and then we started games some time after 3:30. It was neat to have time where people "ooh'd" over my belly - how big it is and that they can't believe I'm pregnant. People I didn't know (my mom's friends) even rubbed my belly.

My girlfriend, Kristin (who is also pregnant!), set up most of the games. We played some typical shower games, like unscrambling words and naming and finishing nursery rhymes and stories (where I got to keep the book they came from). We put a twist on an old game. I came out with a tray of baby stuff and went around. We told people they were supposed to remember what was on the tray. After I'd left they found out they were supposed to write down what I was wearing. My mom, who we told about this game, made the comment that she didn't like it, which I found humorous! Another few games they had going was a pool ($1 a guess - yes, it would seem we had gambling) for when the baby comes and guessing how many candies were in a bottle and q-tips in a jar (which my mom didn't count ahead of time - hilarious!).

After my mom released everyone for cake she tried to round them up to watch me open presents. We got a TON of stuff! There were 38 onesies (different sizes), 4 gowns, 3 pants, a couple outfits with footsies, 11 burp cloths, 8 blankets (one said "Jesus Loves Me" - awe!), 7 hooded towels, 18 wash cloths, 2 robes, 8 bibs, hand-sewn (from my mom) jumper and jacket, color changing spoons, a breast pump, teethers, toys, a Costco membership, fuzzi bunz, a crib bedding set, Boppy (and cover), booster seat, diaper bag, Johnson & Johnson travel pack, Playtex bottle and drop-ins, and shopping cart cover/play mat. There was more, but you get the idea...

By the end of the shower I realized I hadn't eaten anything while there as I was so busy! It was so nice to see all these people who love us and some who don't even know us. Some of our friends stayed even past 8pm to talk!

On Monday picked up some Dreft from Target and got almost everything washed and organized (which is when I did my counting).

Thank you to everyone who came to either shower - for your presents and presence! It meant a lot to all 3 of us and we definitely feel more prepared for the baby to come out! I can't wait to see him in all the little outfits and be able to use all gifts as they're intended. Please feel free to visit and welcome our little one!


Yesterday was our doctor visit. We stopped in to meet the doctor that our midwife works under. It was out in La Mirada (quite a drive) and turned out to be somewhat entertaining. We got called in twice before the doctor saw us. First was to pee in a cup and be weighed and the the second was to answer some questions that weren't on the form, like how tall Big Red is, etc. The third time we teased if it was for real!
Once in an exam room, the doctor jumped right into measuring my fondus and checking the heart beat and asked us if we had any questions, as that's why we were there. We found out the circumcision, if we have a boy, would be in that office. He asked if I was taking any of the homeopathic pills and I said yes, the red raspberry and evening primrose. He wanted to know if I thought it worked! "My friend thinks it does." He also had to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into - labor hurts. Ya, ya, but women had been having babies since the beginning and never had anything so if they can do it, so can I. Hopefully we won't see him until circumcision!

After much talking, Big Red and I decided to get a co-sleeper and pack away the crib. I tried to give the crib to my mom, but her friends already offered her a pack-n-play, which they can put out of the way when they don't have the baby.

Our reasoning? As we were registered for a pack-n-play, are short on space in our room, and the crib isn't as stable without the siding (which is how we'd use it to co-sleep), the co-sleeper seemed the better alternative. It can pack up for travel (Mexico) and be used as a pack-n-play. Plus, it's smaller than the crib. Conclusion: We'd have a multi-functional unit (pack-n-play AND crib) that wouldn't take up as much room and is MEANT for the purpose we're using it! If you haven't, check it out here. It is meant to be fixed onto the side of a bed to ease with breastfeeding. Yes, my brilliant husband could have rigged the crib to ensure it was safely secured to our bed, but the crib wasn't quite meant for co-sleeping - as evident by the lack of mattress support when the side is removed.

So, after calling around for pricing and availability, last night we went to Baby & Kids World in San Dimas and ordered an original co-sleeper in the color fern. It was perfect because they were on clearance there for $159.99 instead of $169, $189, and $198 everywhere else. We also ordered the leg extenders as our bed is quite high (yeah for storage!). This place also had the slumber bear and a nursing blanket very similar to the Hooter Hider, along with a LOT of other things.

When we went in we asked if we could see how the co-sleeper is taken apart for travel. It looked a little difficult, but it can be done! The lady was very patient and helpful in showing us the different features. I think she had an idea of how to take it down, but wasn't 100% sure of the exact science of it. I'm sure we'll figure it out!

We still have gift cards for Babies R Us and are planning on going to the Breastfeeding Seminar there this weekend. Oh, the fun of shopping for our baby! I can't wait to meet him!

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Gombojav Tribe said...

Great parties, great gifts, preparations, and everything!

I'm expressing milk for Belgee in preparation to be at the birth! :-)

btw, I am actually thinking of making and selling the birth bracelets. We'll see! Thanks for the encouragement!