Monday, August 6, 2007

Prayer Request - Adam

The following is from my cousin, Heather, Adam's sister:

As most of you know, Adam was placed back in the hospital once again. The doctors were saying that his Liver was not functioning as it should.

After a million and one blood test, X-rays, Ultrasounds and Sonograms... They came to find out that his white blood cells were attacking his red... Causeing a back up of billirubin (dead red blood cells) that his liver just can't process fast enough... Thats why he has Jaundice (Yellowing of the skin).

Adam received a transfusion of Platlets (the portion of your blood that allows clotting), about 24 hours later he had severe difficulty in breathing and they gave him a breathing tube & mask. The internests thought that this was a reaction to the Platlet transfusion so they held off on the second transfusion. After another blood test taken, they realized that his platlets were even lower than before at 17,000. (A averege person has between 400,000 & 500,000 platlets).

They removed the breathing tube and came to find that his lungs are covered in mucus. Once they confirmed this they started him on a breathing treatment and Anti-Biotics.

Now it comes down to a Family decision... Adam is too weak to continue with Treatments (Chemo, Radiation etc..), Surgeries or anything else that the doctors want to do just for research.

Adam has fought hard to win, but he just can't anymore. He will be coming home soon, and will not be receiving any further treatment for this cancerous tumor.

Please be praying for my family right now, especially Adam's mom and sister. I used to work with my aunt and she's been taking it hard since they found out he had a brain tumor. They will definitely need strength and comfort.

Update: My aunt called and let me know she spoke to Adam's parents. They're contemplating hospice for him, but he'll be around for a while. She made it sound as if it wasn't as urgent as I thought...

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