Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not yet...

No baby post-utero yet...but we're getting closer! I DID have some contractions yesterday, but nothing regular. Every minute he waits to start labor we're preparing for him. Today we plan on going to a breastfeeding seminar at Babies R Us with our friends who are pregnant. This will also be an opportunity to get some shopping and exchanges done! We still need sheets for the co-sleeper and a few other things I'd like, i.e. baby sunblock (since my hubby has such sentitive skin I'm sure it will be genetic!), a changing pad (and covers), a diaper stacker and toy bag, etc. They're mostly things we can get after Jr. comes, but why wait?!

A couple of things of prep in the past couple days:

A girlfriend at work volunteered to give us their old high chair! God is such an awesome provider! She had talked about it previously. It's from a company, like Royal Prestige, that invites people in with incentives to sell them on their product. According to our friend, this chair does not tip over, even at 18 inches off the ground. Also, it stops the baby from playing the game of throwing things down to watch mommy and daddy pick it up. It's got wheels and may look big, but has the same footprint as other chairs. I'm not sure where we'll put it until the baby's ready, but sounds like a great thing to have!

Yesterday we got a few more gifts that were mailed to my parents' address: the Bjorn Baby Sitter (which WILL work for infants), some onesies and the KidCo Natural Feeding System. My mom also let me know yesterday night that they got sent the pumpkin set, too! (Thank you family!)

Last night I actually went grocery shopping by myself (yes, I was a little scared my water would break and I'd be alone, but we needed food and I didn't want to wake Big Red) and made enchiladas to freeze. Yeah! We'll have food for a while (with us, that should last like 2 days). I also picked up some frozen burritos for Big Red's lunch for when I'm "recovering".

Today I cleared out the co-sleeper (it's become storage) and Big Red secured it to the bed. Hopefully it will stay cleared out (for the most part!) until Jr. comes to use it! (Note: I'm the one who keeps putting clothes and blankets and such in it - it's just too convenient!)

One more thing I'd like to do is use our gift certificate and sign up for our Costco membership. THEN we can get frozen food for cheap (along with other stuff)! Having room for it all may be a different story...anyone wanna split stuff?

It's getting closer! Soon we'll have to keep track of Jr.! No more just feeding my face, I'll get to feed his. I'm SO looking forward to it. I'll also be staying home and hopefully be able to get dinner on the table for my husband instead of coming home together and wondering what we'll eat. It'll be so nice having time to plan meals and being able to shop for deals. I love being frugal and efficient! As it is, we buy stuff and forget to use it before it goes bad. What a waste!

I'll keep ya'all posted on any progress!


The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Hey there, I'm checking in regularly and hoping things are going well for you!!!

Mrs. C.

Flo Oakes said...

I just got chills reading this, because it reminded me of when I was waiting for Sera to come...
There is nothing in the world like waiting for your firstborn to arrive. I remember feeling butterflies like I was in love every time I thought about it..I would put the clothes neatly away and just WISH with all my heart that the baby would come!
By the way, the pumpkin clothes are TOO adorable!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I'm excited for you!

Keep enjoying your pregnancy. You'll be surprised, but you'll miss being pregnant when it's over.