Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Midwife Appointment

First off, I had a few contractions this morning. I was hoping my dad was right and we'd have the baby today, but alas, it probably won't happen.

We saw Simona today and had an exam and whatnot. I let her know about my plug from last week. After the exam she said my cervix is thinner and lower (meaning the baby's dropped more, I believe) and that she's sticking to my Aug. 22 due date as she doesn't expect me to have the baby within the next couple days. Shucks! I should have known as I haven't been feeling any different.

She asked what the doctor said last week and I let her know he was for the Aug. 22 due date as well. I also told her he had questioned the herbal pills and if they worked. She said something along the lines of, "I tell him what we do and he seems to always forget."

Simona also mentioned that she'll be giving us the placenta after the birth. It's like $200 disposal fee so she likes to suggest to bury the placenta and plant a tree or something over it. She told us a story of a husband who insisted on taking it home and cooking it. He fried it with soy sauce and said it wasn't bad. I don't think we'll be doing that!

I'll keep you guys updated when/if anything changes...ever. *;o)


Paultera135 said...

whats a newbee
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather! The story we have about placentas.... :-) LOL!!! --sk*

Gombojav Tribe said...

There is a service I was reading about recently where a midwife will dehyrdate and powder your placenta and give it to you in capsules. You take the capsules all through your postpartum until the pills are gone. It's supposed to help recovery and prevent post-partum depression.

I've an idea...you try it first and then let us all know how it goes!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Daja, I think I'll you try the capsule thing first...or, your sister's having a baby soon! *;o) Besides, I hear that breastfeeding is good enough to avoid depression.

Natural Birth Advocacy said...

Hi! I found you on CafeMom! :) I saw that you're planning on using Simona at the birth center. I hate to sound really strange ( since I *am* a stranger, lol )...but I'd be cautious with Simona. Friends of mine used her for their first baby, back in February, and she was *horrible* with them. I was horrified with how she treated them, and caution people about her now. : ( Anyway, I'm sorry! I had to comment about her, and leave you caution.

BTW..I'm in whittier, just down the street from Simona!