Sunday, August 19, 2007

In church today the congregation had Big Red and I up to pray for us and the baby. A couple words were given:
Our baby is going to be a uniter - esp. over our family.

Big Red is going to shine through during the birth as a protector and I'm going to see him stand up for me.

Within the next couple weeks we're going to receive the answers we've been waiting for.

Uniter - Big Red's family is whole and a great example of what family should be, so I can only assume two different ways our family can be united. First, simply bringing Big Red's side of the family and my side of the family closer. Second, a healing in my side of the family. My dad doesn't have the best relationship with his sons and I pray that God heals them!

Protector - As I posted previously on the cord clamping, I'm looking forward to seeing my husband in action, defending our decisions and our right to make them. If he's behind it, I know it will get done!

Answers - Big Red's hoping to get an answer on where we're supposed to live. I was thinking of an answer on the Rhogam shot. I'm sure God will surprise us!

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