Friday, August 24, 2007

Early Clamping May Harm Baby

My new friend, Christy, sent me this article: Early cord clamping may harm baby - Clamping the umbilical cord straight after birth does not benefit mother or baby and may actually be harmful, a UK expert has warned.
...leaving the cord for around three minutes can boost the baby's iron stores, cutting the risk of anaemia...

..."There is now considerable evidence that early cord clamping does not benefit mothers or babies and may even be harmful."

He recommended waiting three minutes in healthy babies but said the issue was more complicated in babies born prematurely or by caesarean section even though they would perhaps benefit the most...

...There have been concerns that in healthy babies delaying clamping could increase the risk of jaundice, but a recent study in the US suggested this was not the case...

..."It wouldn't be a big step not to clamp the cord for a while, and that's what nature intended.

"Asking a midwife to do that is a perfectly reasonable request - this is an area we need to look at..."

I love it! Reasonable request!

Just more reason to stick up for our request to cut the cord after it stops pulsing.

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