Sunday, August 19, 2007


On Friday we went over to my friend's house to say hi. She had some girls over and the night was centered around the premier of High School Musical 2. The Disney channel even had a count down!

After taking so much of it we took off. We have decided that our kids are not going to be allowed to watch the Disney channel. Anyone else see the movie? Honestly - it was extremely superficial and disturbing. One girl was all about popularity and trying to steal someone's boyfriend through deceit. The show encourages dating relationships in high school as well, instead of purity and saving your heart - not that you can find that on any other channel. (One of the blogs I read recently posted on courtship if you're interested!) Our pastor had seen the movie with his grandkids this weekend and noted that it was all about getting power and wanting people to like you and want to be you.

Another thing our pastor's been teaching on is the end times. He notes that the Bible says that the beast will have his face seen everywhere. Well, people, here it is - the face of the beast:

and it can be seen EVERYWHERE!

Okay, okay, I'm not 100% sure Mickey is the beast, but the channel sure doesn't lead our kids into biblical values. Not with shows about witchcraft, greed, power, good looks, and dating among kids. Disney is also responsible for the majority of kid "classics" that lead our kids to believe they're only valuable if someone is pursuing them (i.e. the opposite sex). (This is my opinion, of course.) Will we let our kids watch any of their stuff? Maybe some - but if so, we'll definitely have to make the time to sit down with them and discuss reality and where the movies fall short of encouraging godly values.


Gombojav Tribe said...

I dislike Disney for rewriting great literature and even history! Kids watch these shows and them think they know the stories. ARGH!

The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Our pastor was talking about the fruits of the spirit and he discussed "poisonous fruit"... stuff that is bad for you and not scriptural. He had a whole illustration based on the Snow White movie.

I didn't think anything of it until G asked me later who Snow White was. Oh, and what's this about her living with these seven MEN and they show that on TV mom?!!? LOL!

OK, they saw Bambi though. *sniff* But I don't get the thing at the end where Bambi trots off to show off his antlers on a cliff, and leaves the mom to nurse and raise the twins alone!

Mrs. C.

PS. Nickelodeon has a lot of junk too. You almost have to buy every cable channel in the world, and then filter everything out that you don't approve of. I think you're left with two shows when you're done!

Anonymous said...
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Sophia ~ Mother of the home... said...

Well, coming from the mother of this home that you came to see this "movie." I would only like to say disney is not responsible to teach my child "biblical values". I am. I'll admit there is alot of CRAP on television. Fortunately, I have raised my daughter to know that it was just a movie. A movie. If you would have finished watching the movie you would have seen that the message was NOT TO be superficial and power is not everything! You would have seen how those two things tore friends apart. And as for the kissing part and giving your body to someone. The two main characters did not kiss at ALL in the first movie and Once in the second and that was after an hour and half into the movie. Will you protect your child from the the world too? What if there are teens around and they are kissing on the corner, are you going to shield their eyes and run away? Kissing is not giving your soul to someone. It's not a seal of forever.

I'm am disappointed on your view of the world around you. I know I am a good mother and my child is just fine. What she watches on TV doesn't define who she is. That's where the parenting comes in.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Sophia, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to put you down. Whether you let your kids watch Disney or not doesn't make or break you as a parent. For everyone reading, I didn't watch the rest of the movie so my opinion shouldn't be held too high.

I know Disney has a lot of shows with redeeming quality, I'm just shy about the whole popularity part. Yes, as a parent it is our responsibility to teach our child bibilical values, not TV, which is probably why our kid won't be watching much, if any. If anything comes up in life, I'd like to shield my kids from thinking worldly is "normal" and that they should strive for that, but I'm not ignorant to think I can block everything out. That's where the parent comes in to discuss the situations and make comments so the kids don't just accept everything around them.

I love you!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Don't worry, Heather. I took your post in the spirit it was intended. No offense here!

Choosing carefully what is put before your kids is a GOOD thing. It is also good that you put that qualifier at the end: that if you let your kids watch something that doesn't reflect your values, you will sit down with them and discuss reality and where the movie falls short.

That is a great idea! Teach your kids intentionally how to sort the good from the bad. Chew the meat and spit out the bones!

As far as something being "just a movie" schools they have DVD players, projectors, CD players, computers. These are peices of EDUCATIONAL equipment. At home we have the same equipment, but we just call it entertainment. We must be careful, because entertainment is instructive, whether we realize it or not and whether we agree with the instruction being given or not. Much of one's worldview is shaped by educational experiences.

Love ya, Heather! Take a deep breath! A lot of us understood where you were coming from. We know you too well to think you had any intent of offending anyone! You're too good naturedly sweet for that!

Daja, who does love a good fairytale!