Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Co-sleeper Pics

For those interested, we took pictures of what the co-sleeper looks like all set up. Here they are:

I've kept it mostly cleaned out except the Boppy and the bear that makes womb noises. I know not to keep them in there when Jr. arrives, but haven't quite found another convenient place for them as of yet.
I also took a shot of some progress on the "baby's area"...Before:


I took the day off today to do some nesting and get some rest. It doesn't look like much (and it isn't, unless you remember the pregnancy factor), but I've found a place for the stuff in the big gift bag (mostly feeding things) and the rolls of paper in the way back left. I also did some baby laundry. I haven't filled up the diaper stacker yet as we have newborn size and Huggies size 1 and I'm waiting to meet Junior before I decide what goes in it!

O! And FYI - I found that Bactine works temporarily for the belly itch. I had taken it out when checking on my belly piercing and read on it that it helps itch. Yeah!

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