Saturday, August 18, 2007

Clamping Decision

So...I stayed home yesterday, nesting and cruising the web, checking my mail and myspace and decided to sign up for Cafe Mom. I played with my profile, linking it to this blog, and looked up groups for natural birth and expecting moms, etc.

Anyway, time passes by and I get a comment on one of my blogs from someone who found me through Cafe Mom. She posted a comment on my last midwife appointment warning me about Simona because a friend had a bad experience. As I went to check out her blog someone from MSN wanted to add me to their contacts. The name sounded familiar so I okayed it.

A few minutes later that person IMs me and says she is the one who was warning me about Simona. I asked her for more information and here's the story:
Well, my friends had used Simona throughout pregnancy, and in the end decided on a home birth. They didn't tell Simona, and kept seeing her for prenatal care, etc. My friend freaked out in transition ( they had not called the home birth midwife yet ) and told her husband to take her to Simona, that she wanted to be in the hospital and get an epidural. So they went. She ended up showing up pushing, and had the baby 15 minutes later. Because she was GBS+ (even though had been doing hibiclense washes and garlic treatment ), Simona proceeded to lecture them *while mom was pushing!!* about the dangers of not getting the 4 hours of antibiotics, threatened them about their babies health. And then when they wanted to leave 24 hours after the birth, she threatened to call CPS if they left AMA.

Because the also refused the PKU testing, Simona told them that if their baby showed up "retarded", as she so nicely put it....that it was THEIR fault, and to remember that. (This part seems typical as she has to warn her clients for legal reasons.)

She also cut the baby's cord immediately, even though parents requested to wait until it stopped pulsating...and my friend ended up with a retained placenta because Simona used aggressive traction on the cord before it was ready to come out.

I let her know that Simona was convinced that she had to clamp our baby's cord because I'm Rh- and it could cause some kind of jaundice. She ensured me that it wasn't necessary as they've never had to in the time she's been at deliveries - and she is Rh- as well. She quoted Robert Mendelsohn's book, "How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor", which is what I quoted in a previous post on Rh and clamping:
In Rh neg women, many people believe that it is the clamping of a pulsing cord that causes the blood of the baby to transfuse into the blood stream of the mother causing sensitization problems. Robert S Mendelsohn, M.D., in his book "How to Have a Healthy Child. . . In Spite of Your Doctor" blames the whole Rh neg problem on too quick clamping of the cord. Especially in Rh neg mothers I urge midwives to wait until the placenta is out before thinking about cord clamping.

She also gave me the following quote from a medical study on this website:
Delayed cord clamping reduces the risk of feto-maternal transfusion, which is especially important for Rh negative mothers (Lapido, 1971; Rogers et al, 1998). Delayed cord clamping reduces the risk of infection in both the mother and the baby because the mother has reduced clot formation if the maternal end of the cord is not clamped, and the baby has less stagnant blood left in the cord stump. Clots and stagnant blood provide an ideal environment for infection. The cord may separate more rapidly postnatally if cord clamping is delayed (Sleep, 1993).

As I still haven't been convinced that clamping the baby's cord was the best (as none of her reasoning makes any sense to me) I was glad to get some support! Big Red and I talked about it last night and have decided to cut the cord after it stops pulsing. If we need a reason - religious. I feel more at ease! Now onto praying about whether or not to take the Rhogam shot...I figure it the placenta comes out whole, I won't need it, but if it doesn't, I want to make sure my hubby and I are on the same page...once again, it's time to hit our knees and pray!

So, who is this godsend and what are her credentials? She's an assistant midwife who is being trained under my friend's midwife, Brenda, who brought 4 of my friend's kids into this world! She was even supposed to help deliver my friend's last baby! On top of that, she lives in the same city of Simona's birth center and was raised in the same city I was...going to a rival high school! What a kiss from God! (I'll have to admit, I thought maybe she'd gone through my blog and gotten all the information that was such a coincidence to have in common. I'm thanking Amy for my paranoia as she sent me an email warning about information you give out on the web.)

BTW - We ordered Mendelsohn's book...He is an advocate of avoiding vaccines, as his article states.


Mark said...

All the best to both of you with the birth of the baby. Will pray with you that all goes well.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thank you, Mark!

Natural Birth Advocacy said...

Oh how funny! I never looked through any other parts in your blog...I didn't even know that you had your home city and high school listed. I promise, you can look me up in a Wilson year book! ; ) And please feel free to ask Daja about me, or give Brenda a call. I have no problem with that at all! I understand the hesitation of some freak contacting you on the internet out of the blue. LOL I'll be praying for you and the baby for a beautiful delivery!