Thursday, August 2, 2007

Casa Hogar Update - Baptism

After hearing from two men, I finally got some of the story as to the baptism that they had at Casa Hogar last weekend.

The official number is 12 kids got baptised. There were 2 girls and 10 boys. They were given Bibles according to their age. The younger boys got comic strip Bibles and the older girl got a young woman of faith Bible. The group brought robes from CCV for the kids to be baptised in as well.

The husband leader of the Pan Dulce trips (family oriented), Mike, was the one who baptised the kids. Cisco, the one who leads the camping trips there, translated - which made it interesting. I guess he said "In the name of the Son, Father and Holy Spirit", mixing up the order, and that he wasn't translating the end speaking of the kids dying to their old lives to have life again in Christ.

The group brought down cake and ice cream and the kids had a blast. It was an amazing time of family. The girls all attacked and threw in Cisco and then Cisco and Mike went after Eliseo, who is the husband of the woman who runs the place. Eliseo didn't budge, but the kids were able to attack him with splashes once Mike got him on the floor.

Yolanda, Mike's wife, said she talked to Soledad, who runs Casa Hogar, yesterday and she said she can already see a difference in the kids. Praise God!

They're not dedicating the school until September so maybe Big Red and I can make it by then. Yolanda let us know that we were missed. We both wish we could have been there, but we didn't feel that was in God's plans for us - going to Mexico 8/9 months pregnant.

We miss all you kids! I'll post pictures once Mike gives me a disc.


Gombojav Tribe said...

How special! Can't wait to see pictures!

Imagine going there WITH Junior! Those kids are going to go crazy over him/her!

Peter said...

God's blessing on all you wonderful people.