Monday, August 27, 2007


Big Red and I decided to cancel our midwife appointment for Tues. as we see no point in going. I, personally, don't want another vaginal exam as it won't tell me anything for sure and it can cause more bad than good, i.e. the bag of water breaking. Also, why would we need to go until the baby decides it's time or if there's a complication? The baby is moving freely, I'm eating well and drinking a lot of water.

I called Simona to ask if tomorrow we'd be meeting the midwife who'd be on duty while she is out and she said we wouldn't be meeting her until Thurs. So, why go in twice, right? Simona wants us to go to the hospital and have an NST (non-stress test) done since the baby is "overdue". I let her know we wouldn't want to be having the test. She wants us to write up some form signing off the test, that it would be measuring the fluid, that we know we're past due and KNOW our due date (i.e. when we conceived), don't want an induction of any kind, and that she explained about the possible presence of meconium and dangers of being post due - as she put it, "the baby could die." We'll fax that in tomorrow. She still wondered why I wouldn't be willing to drive myself after I mentioned that my husband would have to take two days off of work for this. Um, "I'm post due and don't want to be driving my self all the way out to Whittier with the posibility of my water breaking or going into contractions on the way."

My question - why don't doctors and midwives have to sign off on the interventions when they recommend it? I'd like to see a sheet in which a doctor has to sign off that they don't know for sure there are no side effects from ultrasounds and that there is a huge possibility that the ultrasound can give incorrect information and therefore would lead to a misdiagnosis (or change in due date). Also, a waiver that they informed us that the glucose test results come back often as false-positives and that they think it's healthy for a pregnant woman, this one time, to fast and drink a beverage that is loaded with sugar so the doctor has a reason to tell us to eat healthy, as if we shouldn't already know that.

While we're at it, how about a form on induction? Their form would say something along the times of informing us (to the point of us understanding) that induction would be forcing the baby out when he is obviously not ready to be born and may lead to lung problems and weeks in NICU; that the pitocin drips can, and most likely will, cause extremely more painful contractions than natural and timely contractions. Also, that the induction may cause fetal distress, the reason they quote for lining their pockets with money for administering pain medication, epidurals, and c-sections.

Ok, I've vented...for now...

Really quick - on meconium - our beloved friend told us a story of how a doctor, who found meconium in the amniotic fluid, recommended that the mother wait it out and drink plenty of water. I think they waited for a week. By their next meeting the fluid had cleared out, just like it's supposed to. Here's a site that quotes, "There is no such thing as a 'dry birth.' Approximately one third of the liquid is replaced every hour." Interesting...esp. to know in case my water breaks and someone claims I NEED to have the baby in 24 hours. Of course, their excuse is they want to avoid infection, which curiously is caused by them doing vaginal exams and shoving all the germs the liquid pushed out while gushing.

For real - I'm done venting...


MELISSA said...

heather, please get the test.

The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Hey... I wondered about the gulping a bunch of sugar if you're diabetic too. I mean, sounds pretty stupid, right? PLUS, if you're going to go eat sugar anyway, who wouldn't rather have a candy bar rather than that junk that literally makes ya want to throw up??

I do know of a baby who died b/c he was way overdue and something happened during labour... maybe the meconium like you said... I forget...

But about *any* situation you can think of, you or the baby could die. Even sitting too much! OR too much exercise! Sigh. It's hard isn't it, to hear all that conflicting information and then you just go with what seems best!

Hope you're feeling ok and no one is pressuring you these last few days.

Mrs. C

Gombojav Tribe said...

Heather, you are not yet "post due." Post date and past the due date are two very different thing. Refer to your Bradley workbook for exact definitions.

Relax. Take a deep breath and enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy. If you need to consider tests or induction, cross that bridge when you get to it. No need to borrow worry from tomorrow. As the Bible says, Tomorrow as enough of its own! :-)

If my grandma is right you'll go into labor tonight or tomorrow, 'cause it's a full moon.



PS Are you walking lots? Swimming? Yoga? Stuff to keep your pelvis open and hips moving?