Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update from Quick Prayer Request

In a previous post I asked for prayer for my sister who was meeting her biological dad for the first time. As my friend asked about it, I just wanted to give a little update as to how it went.

They spent the whole weekend together, meeting at a park. She said it was a little akward meeting, but they clicked really well and got comfortable fast so it went really well. They ended up going miniature golfing, to the beach (parasailing!), and she showed him around, pointing out where she went to school, where she lived, etc. He also showed her where they lived when he and her mother were married.

I talked to her on Fri. and I guess quite a few people called her right as she got out of the car with him at home. She definitely felt everyone's prayers and it made her feel good to know people cared.

Their weekend ended with him planning for her to fly out and visit him November, December and January. It was more heart breaking to say goodbye than to meet him for the first time.

She mentioned she'll never be the same again - and that's a good thing. I can't imagine what it would feel like to finally get to know your biological dad.

Please keep her in your prayers! There is still a lot of hurt and apologizing/forgiveness that needs to happen.

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