Friday, July 6, 2007

Update - Due Date...

I had called Dr. Frield's office to get a report on the ultrasound picture and they said there was none. When I explained what happened, the woman in charge of the records let me know the EDD was on the ultrasound picture. Here's the picture she was talking about (bottom one - click to enlarge):

It says the 17th! I talked to Simona once she saw the picture and she mentioned that she needed a report explaining the date, etc., for it to be valid. So, we're going to wait it out. She ensured that we wouldn't be inducing or sending me to the hospital. We'll wait two weeks after July 30th and if the baby hasn't come, then she'll check my cervix and see if I'm dialated and we'll go from there. Arg! At least she's not giving up on us!

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Valerie said...

Stick with the due date you think is right! I had to have an ultrasound with David because I had had some bleeding. They told me he was already due then even though my due date wasn't for another three weeks. They based it on his size and he was a good size baby. Mom