Friday, July 27, 2007

Things You Never Knew Existed

In checking out a fellow blogger's website, I found this website and HAD to post some comical and useful items:

Coughing Screaming Ashtray: "Place a cigarette on it and it starts coughing and screaming!" I, personally, think this is great! At the last two get togethers we went to with my parents and their friends there were people lighting up in front of us - cigars and cigarettes! I seriously think it was EXTREMELY rude to do so in front of a pregnant person...anyone else with me?!

Christmas Story 20-Inch Leg Lamp: Claaaassic! Need I say more?

Outhouse Nightlight: I think this is hilarious being that the only reason I would need a nightlight is due to having to use the restroom!

Flying Alarm Clock: "To turn the alarm off, you have to get up, find the propeller and return it to its base!" I STILL don't think this would wake my husband up...namely because I would be the one up searching for the stupid flier!

Nap Alarm: "This alarm sounds an insistent beeping alarm whenever your head falls forward. It helps ensure driver awareness and prevents traffic accidents." You shouldn't be driving if you think you might have to use one of these!!

Coleman Power Inverter: "turns 12 volt DC power into 110 volt AC household power." I've always wondered if these existed!

Universal Tag Alert Alarm: "Just attach the tag to your valuables and turn on the keychain monitor. Set the distance to long (about 100 ft.) or short (about 30 ft.). Flashing LED lets you know it's armed. If the item is left behind or walks away, the alarm automatically sounds." Perfect for the forgetful mother-to-be!

Air Pressure Drain Opener: "This simple device uses air power to blast away the toughest clogs. Just pump it up and pull the trigger." For those of us who can't unplug shower drains!

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