Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pregnancy Journal

I was searching for pre-labor symptoms and found this journal by a lady named Heather. For those of you who love such stories, check it out!

Here are a couple exerpts that caught my attention:

"...strangers coo over pregnant women. That is not new to me, I've noticed it before, but this time it has changed. It happens when they decide to be brave enough to ask, "is this your first?" I have to chuckle and tell them "no" and that it is my fourth. All of the sudden, the cooing stops and the sympathy begins. As if it was an affliction I caught, not a pregnancy that I desired. I don't quite understand that. When it comes to strangers, the 'first' is such a blessing. The second is another blessing, but they hope for the opposite sex of the child that is plainly standing next to you. Dare you tell them it is the same sex and you can almost see the disappointment in their faces. Then the third deserves an "oh" and they are bold enough to ask if it was planned. But, with four, I guess there is not an expression. Since we've passed the 'was it planned' phase, they realize we are serious and really planned it - then think we are crazy. That is okay though. I still do feel blessed, with my first, second, third and even my fourth. But, if my hands keep swelling much more, I am soon going to have to take off my wedding rings. Then I can assume the conversations with strangers will be even more interesting and I will get even more 'looks.'

(wk 27)
The infamous pelvic pain I felt with the two girls is slowly beginning to return. It is then, that I feel REALLY old. I can't even turn over in bed due to the pain. Doing leg lifts, not that I am doing them, is absolutely out of the question. It is as if my legs just don't work properly. I can't lift them up. It wakes me up in a cold sweat if I turn over too quickly. It is hard to describe except it feels like my pelvic bones are cracking. There really is no pressure, just pain that grows more and more intense as time passes... (I've been having this!)

I buy our kids each 3 gifts for Christmas. That is it. OH! MY! I hear it now. Well, the first reason is the real meaning behind Christmas and that Jesus received 3 gifts from the kings...

I was curious, so I went online and researched some methods of self-inducing labor. I've heard about spicy hot wings, eggplant Parmesan, and Mexican food...(I have no problem in pigging out on Mexican food!)

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