Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby Needs...

A couple days ago I was asked what we NEEDED off our registry. For those of you interested, here's an update on our baby-prep!:

As far as what we NEED, we have the crib, changing table, stroller, car seat, baby carriers, some clothes, Lansinoh, Big Red's mom got the fuzzy bunz...Some things I'm hoping we'll have (i.e. we'll be buying for sure if we don't get them) are the bath tub, feeding system (but that's for after he's off the boob so it's not necessary yet), breast pads, record book, health/groom kit, shampoo/soap, and diaper bag. I'd say disposable diapers (since we won't be starting off with a washing machine), but I want to get natural ones and I don't think Babies R Us has them. Things on the registry that already were purchased are a box of wipes, a crib sheet set, breast pump, boppies, booster seat, finger brush, sippy cups, teethers, and a lady from work wants to give us her oak rocking chair, which she says is small and comfortable.

God is SO blessing us in this. He's gotten us so much for free. Having Daja's influence, I'm sure we won't have all the junk people get that aren't necessary and we wouldn't have room for anyway. According to her - it's a great start to have you breast and arms!...her blog also mentions slings, baby food grinder, Lansinoh, and cloth diapers...all of which we have (except the grinder).

For those of you coming to one of the showers...see you there! Any questions, let me know!

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Starr said...

Sounds like a great wish list! I know you must be so anxious to meet your wee one.