Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ignorant Doctors and My Midwife Appointment

What an interesting and frustrating day! I'm claiming it as a reminder as to why I chose a birthing center and not a hospital. I am SO glad I've read up on pregnancy and birth and know my facts!

We started off the day at Whittier Presbyterian Hospital. As I had refused the Rhogam shot, my midwife wanted us to get an ultrasound to ensure the baby was healthy for birth. Even though it sort of defeated our reasons for not getting the shot (God's in control), we agreed to put her mind at ease...and Big Red thought it would be cool to see the baby. On the way, my mom had called Big Red (I forgot my cell) and said she had a slow day at work and they'd let her come if we wanted. Why not?!

Our appointment was for 10:00 this morning. Big Red and I arrived at the hospital around 9:30, as suggested, and got our bright green wrist bands and headed up to the perinatology room. I filled out some paper work and we waited. My mom showed up and we waited...and waited. (This is the part where my mom's impatience made me doubt telling her when I'm in labor.) After watching people who had arrived after us go through the door, we waited. I went to the restroom 2 times and we waited...We didn't get in the office until after 12pm.

On the way in, the nurse weighed me. (Being used to the midwife I moved the pieces and told her what I weighed yesterday at home...she didn't mind.) Once in the ultrasound room, the nurse took some pictures for us to take home of the baby. Then she went through and checked on the baby's head, heart, femur, surrounding fluid, etc., taking pictures for the doctor. When she noticed I looked uncomfortable (I was leaning so I wouldn't be flat on my back) she told me I could lay on my side. She answered all of my mom's questions with patience ("Is that the head?!" "No, that's the tummy, but it can look like it..."). She mentioned the baby's weight was over 6 pounds and that according to all the data she's seeing, the due date would be July 30. I let her know the last EDD (estimated due date) from an ultrasound was August 17. She agreed that would be more accurate as it's extremely hard to get an accurate date so late in the pregnancy.

THEN, the doctor came in. He ordered me to lay on my back, so I rolled over, still trying to lean a little so I wouldn't be completely flat on my back, which everyone knows, is a position pregnant woman should avoid. Seeing that I didn't completely obey, he made some remark about me not doing what he wanted and I let him know that being flat makes me light headed. "Oh. Here, put this towel under your right side. It will help you avoid laying on the vena cava." I thanked him, all the time feeling sorry for all the uneducated women who come into his office and obey his every command when he obviously knows truth but doesn't have the patience to have our best interest in mind.

He moved the ultrasound around a little (I'm guessing he was checking on all the things that should move) and told us he'd get the report to Simona.

(Conclusion from hospital visit: DEFINITELY NOT somewhere I'd like to go again...esp. to have the baby. The nurse was extremely nice, but it took over 2 hours to get in the office, even on appointment, and the doctor thought he was God. He also didn't seem to be looking out for my best interest and didn't use common sense until I spoke up and let him know I wasn't completely ignorant. Of course, that's just a simple woman's opinion.)

So, mom went to work and Big Red and I went for food.

Next on the agenda was our midwife appointment.

At Simona's there was no wait. She let me weigh myself and then we went into the check-up room. She did my blood pressure, measured my uterus to be 33 weeks by fundal height, and checked the baby's heart rate. All was normal. She mentioned checking my blood for anemia and said I could do it in a couple weeks or today. Being that I don't do good with needles, I opted out of it for today.

So, we made our way to make our appointment. As her assistant was writing down the chosen date she breifly asked about other blood tests they ran on me so she could make notes for what needs to be done next visit. I told her we've never had tests with them. As we opted out of the Rhogam shot, we didn't get the antibody test. When Simona saw that, she decided we needed the test today.

Alas, she drew my blood...BUT I didn't pass out this time! I also got to utilize a Dixie cup and try their new test strips, which give only two squares with the information we are really trying to get out of the test, which makes it immensely easier.

When we got home I checked my phone and noticed Simona called. I called her back and she said she just talked to the doctor from Whittier Pres and got his notes and he has officially changed my due date from August 22 to July 30 because of how big the baby is and said I shouldn't go more than a week past that date. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That's like a month difference! I had never had sex until November 11 so there's NO WAY it could be that early!

We talked about it and I mentioned that even the nurse admitted such a late ultrasound wouldn't be accurate in the EDD and reminded Simona that the fundal measurements today were 33 weeks. I also stated I was against induction. Simona told me not to worry as her clinic is a natural birth center. To calm me down, she set me on a task of getting a report from my previous ultrasounds to get the EDD from them.

I immediately called Dr. Frield's office and explained my situation. The lady in charge of the records, Linda, said there is no report to go with the pictures, but the date is labeled on the picture as EDD ultrasound and is hard to find. She volunteered to fax the pictures again.

Conclusion from midwife appoitment: I love not having to wait 2 hours for an appointment I made weeks ago. I love being trusted and encoraged to research and make decisions that are best for me and my baby. I love common sense and depending on God to set this whole thing up and make it work.

Now I wait...blowing off steam by making calls to friends and writing today's story. Adding this frustration to the couple of women who told me I looked like I should "pop" any minute, I'm not very stoked about society and their norms. People have been fooled into believing whatever the doctor tells them and anyone who says otherwise is nuts. I am so grateful for God putting the knowledge I need now in my path prior to all this happening.

Due dates are not accurate. They can base it off your last period, the baby's size, whatever - but only about 5% of women will actually deliver on that date. I am not all that different from 95% of other mothers out there, but the doctors would like me to think so. Sorry - you're not getting money from my insurance company for any of the non-needed interventions of induction, pain relief, or C-sections. ESPECIALLY not because you think my baby is "too big." No long recovery bills...just natural - what God intended! Peer pressure won't work on THIS mama!

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