Monday, July 30, 2007

Guess What Day it is!!

That's right...July 30...and supposedly, the baby is due today. Are we giving our hopes up?! I figure that if labor DOES start today, I'd have to hold the baby in because we CAN'T let the doctor be right!

Just a thought!


Gombojav Tribe said...

You're too funny!

elixir said...

Ah, Soren was due July 30th (2005) and didn't come until August 24th! Don't worry, I am sure you won't run that late. Oh...and moving will be easier before baby comes, but the demands of being a good wife are more important that having the most convenient move. God has just the right place for just the right time. At least with a new baby you really won't have to do anything to help move =) Enjoy your last few days of just being with your husband. Soak it up and get some sleep. I look forward to hearing an announcement soon.