Monday, July 30, 2007

God Provides!

So, being pregnant and the baby coming any day now I've been somewhat anxious about our living situation. I've been hoping my husband would find us a place with laundry hook-ups prior to the baby arriving so that we would be able to make use of the fuzzi bunz cloth diapers. I don't see our neighbors appreciating me bringing a huge load of dirty diapers down to the laundry mat in our complex to clean them. As no place has been found, I was to resolve myself to purchasing disposable diapers for a while until we moved.

Well, a couple ladies from church called and asked about getting us a diaper service temporarily as our gift. I wasn't going to look one up as I was hoping the cloth diapers would be a way of saving money and figured that a service would cost more than our savings. Well, God certainly wants me to rest in Him and trust in my husband and his timing.

My hubby and I have had a conversation on our timing for moving. I think it would be better to move before the baby comes (hoping I wouldn't have to help TOO much) because we wouldn't have to deal with lugging the baby stuff to a new place and it would give us a chance to get rid of stuff we haven't and probably never will use along with being settled before bringing the baby home. Big Red feels that with all the baby stuff going on it's too much of a hassle to move right now.

It's been somewhat of a challenge for me to simply rest and trust my hubby because I really wanted to have a washer and dryer by the time the baby came...and, of course, I want my way. I feel like their gift of the diaper service is God's little way of letting me know I need to trust that my husband is trusting God and, in turn, how to be a better wife. Baby steps...

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