Monday, July 16, 2007

Birth Advice and Stories

This weekend a couple interesting things have been said to us regarding labor and birth.

First off, I feel I should be welcomed to some club about unwanted advice from cashiers.

We were at Target checking out and the cashier asked when I was due and then proceeded to give me advice..."Take the epidural!" The lady behind us chimed in agreeing with her and saying her first child was all natural. Thanks, but that's just not in our plans! Big Red and I sorta giggled and then let her know we're planning a natural birth.

Next, at church on Sunday, our pastor's mom came up to me and stated, "I'm prophesying that you're going to have a girl!" She's very sweet! She proceeded to let us know that she carried high, like I am, with her girls, and lower with the boys. Big Red insisted on asking if she could tell the hair color - red! Later that day my girlfriend, who previously was thinking I may have a boy, said the same thing about the baby's gender. and yellow it will stay!

We also got to hear a couple birthing stories. One was from an older, lively lady who mentioned that doctors aren't gods and nurses don't walk on water. She had a C-section and, as they wouldn't let her go home, she entertained herself with harassing the nurses. She would check the charts of the ladies in her room while the nurses had coffee and would order them to get coffee for a woman who just had a baby, stating that the mother knew what was best.

The other story was from a family at church. The mother started leaking water and had to be on bed rest for almost a week. Their daughter was born a few weeks early, but because her mother was on a specific arthritis medication, her lungs were fully developed. The afternoon she was born, her mother insisted that the baby was on the way. The nurses continued to shrug her off until her husband convinced them to check her...she was crowning. By the time they rushed her to the delivery room, her daughter was laying on the gurney with her.

This isn't the first time I've heard of nurses and doctors ignoring a mother when she let them know her baby was coming out. Common sense tells me to listen to the mother, especially if she's had a couple kids before!


Gombojav Tribe said...

I love hearing birth stories! Experiences may vary very greatly and yet there is that common thread of welcoming new life!

Milehimama said...

Funny about the epidural - I've had seven children and ONE epidural. I HATED it!

Welcome to the mommy club. First you are regaled with birthing stories. Then it's unwanted advice about diapering, bathing, burping, feeding... the list goes on and on!

My advice? Take advice from women you trust, and whose babies have turned out well (into thriving children or young adults).

Ignore the moms of bratty children and the perfectionists.

Good luck!

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