Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby Shower - Registry

For those of you curious where we're registered (Gisselle), we're registered at Babies R Us. There are a couple big items on the registry that we're still debating, like the co-sleeper, since we don't know where we'll fit it all in our apartment or if/when we're moving.

Another idea...I, personally, am in love with the Willow Tree collection, which isn't a part of the registry. (I'm somewhat hesitant to post this since there's no way of anyone knowing if any of them were already purchased, but here it is!) They have quite a few for new parents, like the following:
New Life
Angel of Mine
New Dad

Big Red already got me the Cherish figurine of the pregnant mommy.
For those of you wondering, here's a brief list of the things we already have (which is why we're not registered for them):
  • Travel System (stroller/carseat)
  • Crib
  • Baby Carrier
  • Maya Wrap
  • 15 pk Cloth Diapers (Big Red's mom ordered the Fuzzi Bunz for us - 3 small and 12 medium)

If I think of anything else I'll just update this blog!

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Flo Oakes said...

I spent a ton of time and some money trying to make a bunch of diapers, and the Fuzzi Bunz wound up being ALL we have used--we should have just just got those from the beginning!
Also, I know my baby is a bit on the petite side, but she still fits in medium and she is 11 months old, so those should last you a LONG time.
I have about 18 diapers now, and its a great amount so that I am not washing every day.
Also, the other night we ran out of pull ups, which my potty trained 3 year old still wears at night..we put her in one of the Fuzzi Bunz, and it even fit her!
They are a great investment!