Monday, June 25, 2007

Waterbirth Story

As we're looking at waterbirth at Simona's birth center, I thought I'd get some idea of what to look forward to. I've discovered comic relief in one of the birth stories:
It was like going from pain that felt as if my lower body was being ripped in half to about as much pain as one would experience when they fart . . . that's the best way I can put it . . . I was pretty much wasting away in Margaritaville, the way I was sipping my juice off my little floating drink holder and nibbling bananas to keep my energy up.

Huh...a fart!

The part I'm looking forward to:
I will never forget that surreal moment of holding my breath waiting for her to
surface. She was lifted to my chest and I recall clearly how both cheeks of her
sweet little butt fit right into the palm of my hand as I braced her. She was
purple as a grape and covered with a thick white lotion-type substance. She made
sweet little animal-like noises as she inhaled air into her little lungs and
balled herself tightly in the center of my breasts. I was more in shock than
anything as I stared at my beautiful creation before me. Normally I am the
biggest crybaby in the world, but I surprised myself by not crying at all. I
just studied every detail of her. Her fingers were perfect, with perfect little
nails that were so long they looked almost manicured. Her face was all scrunched
(she had my nose!) and had an expression on it like she could not believe the
trip that she just had taken. Very slowly she lifted her head to look up into my
face. I continued to stare at her for what seemed like hours.

Care to read more? Her story is at and her name is Charlie. There are also plenty more!

Check out Gretchen's story! She's Rh sensitive and she had a doula. It sounds a lot like my circumstances...except the whole hospital part. *;o)

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