Monday, June 25, 2007

This Weekend...

Big Red and I got to visit my adopted family, the Jimenez family, which is always a treat.

Over the past 5+ years, I've gone from babysitting the kids to being their big sister...and it's great! I've gained a younger brother and three younger sisters...not to mention a mom and friend- all unique and amazing in their own way!

I've been able to share in dog piles, graduations/promotions, a winter formal, birthdays, school plays, board games, a trip to Vegas, soccer games, movie nights, and so much more!

This weekend we played Cranium - just the kids and Big Red and I. It was a blast! We created such memories as drawing a dog pooping to get a team to guess "doggy bag" (later drawing the same ovals and lines to get them to guess "dog") and Michael rubbing in, "well, who's winning!?"

My favorite part: Sharing Junior with the girls.

I sat back in their glider as the middle girls watched and felt my tummy rumble. (Even Big Red hasn't been able to tell when the baby is moving by just watching, so it was a special treat to share the show.) Then their mom, Amy, checked on the baby. She felt what she thought was the baby's butt and lightly spanked it, causing the baby to do summersaults. It was the first time I was able to intimately share the baby with someone other than Big Red. Yes, a couple friends have felt the baby move, but they haven't been able to sit and adore his slightest movements. It's nice to know how loved the baby will be by his/her families, both genetic, and adopted.

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