Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sugar - Bad!

This morning was a little weird...in that I had somewhat of an "episode".

Before we left for work I felt a little light-headed and breifly thought, "maybe I should just stay home." Instead, I got out and we started driving. While we were in the left turning lane for the freeway (Big Red was driving) I told him I felt a little light-headed as it came on again. He asked if he should turn around and all of a sudden I began to be surrounded by black - that is, when I start to pass out the darkness closes in, sorta like a camera shutter. I told him to go home and immediately started deep breathing and fanning myself. I got the chills but needed cool air. Then my fingers started getting tingly.

I remember thinking, "I wonder if this is what Transition is like during labor."

So, we got off the freeway and came home. On the way in he told me that if he can't pass out during my labor then neither can I. I layed down as Big Red rubbed my back before taking off for work.

This has never happened to me outside of a doctor's office. Usually it's right after they decide to give me blood and I feel the blood leaving my body and then - blackout. But I've never been able to stop the passing out like I did today, so at least I'm making progress?

My theory: I shouldn't have had Lucky Charms. I think I just had too much sugar this morning. From what my OB had said, when your pregnant the distance from where you are to point of passing out is much smaller so that's why pregnant women get dizzy and light-headed. Considering that I had a bowl of Lucky Charms AND a Carnation Instant Breakfast, I think that I had way too much sugar and it brought on the darkness.

I slept it off and have decided I need something different for breakfast...like toast. The baby's completely active, so no worries there...just stupidity in my diet on my part.

So...Bring on the labor (in a couple months)!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Sounds like the sugar gave you an immediate rush and then a crash! It happens.

Eat more protein minus the sugar in the mornings. The protein will help your body metabolize the sugar in your diet. A cheese omlet will carry you a lot farther than the Lucky Charms. :-)

Flo Oakes said...

I used to eat like this in the mornings...before I had to chart what I ate and turn it into Daja!! Ha ha..just kidding..sort of...actually, eating 2 eggs a day during pregnancy got me used to having protein that early, and I started feeling better than I ever had. I don't always eat eggs anymore, but I make myself have some protein. A bonus, is that I can have a lighter lunch and not feel starving by mid-day. I have been eating toast and instead of butter, I use avocado..and sometimes some sharp cheddar cheese. I know it sounds weird, but I love it in the mornings now, and I feel so much better!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Good for you, Flo! Glad to hear that pregnancy has caused you to have a healthier life long term!

I used to eat terribly before I got pregnant with Meg. I'd skip breakfast and eat nothing but candy and drink tea all day until dinner. It was pretty bad! But, getting pregnant changed that. Even when I'm not pregnant now I eat a real breakfast and I rarely eat candy.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thanks for all your advice. I know I should eat eggs, but for some reason I just CANNOT stomach them. Peanut butter on toast is do-able, though!

Daja, having all your kids so close together, meaning you're still breastfeeding when you get pregnant, no wonder you're so healthy! I used to skip breakfast and only eat maybe ONE good meal most days, so this preganacy's definitely been good!