Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This weekend my parents decided to take my niece, Faith, to the carnival at the local Catholic church. My dad's never been big on carnival rides, so he paid $16 for my mom and his 8 yr. old granddaughter to get an wrist band to let them on as many rides as they wanted.

The first ride Faith chose was the one that you go inside and it spins really fast so you get stuck to the walls. (Note: This is the only ride that's every made me throw up - listen to your stomach after the 2nd time!) After that was the Zipper. For those of you who don't recognize the name, it's sort of like the ferris wheel but instead of a circle the carts' track looks more like a stick. The carts are caged because they have the ability to do 360 turns, if you have the energy and stomach to attempt them.

Well, my mom and Faith didn't attempt any turns, but at one point she was signaling to the ride attendant to stop the ride because she was going to spew. He didn't. Instead, they were stopped at the top so all the carts below them could get off first.

Once she was off she wasn't feeling well and my dad told her to find a trash can. From what I heard, she had to lay down on a bench the rest of the time they were there. They picked Faith up around noon in Mendocina and when I called around 4 they had been home for some time so I'm guessing they only spent a couple hours there.

My dad's story: "I paid $16 to let your mom go on as many rides as she wanted and she only went on 2...but it was worth every penny to watch her puke!"