Friday, June 15, 2007

Midwife Appointment

We had our appointment yesterday and it went well. She was a little busy because she had a birth yesterday so she was trying to take care of the appointments from then as well, but we got in as soon as we got there. She mentioned it was a first time mom and that she took 20 mins. to birth the baby once they arrived. That's what I'm hoping for! Another birth she had recently took forever and the baby was posterior (facing the mommy's tummy), then she said that if that birth was in the hospital it would have likely been a C-section.

I got to pee in my little dixie cup first thing and measure my weight (I've gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks). There was a new woman there who wasn't quite sure which litmus strip I was to use so I started off using the wrong one (it wasn't labeled so I knew what I was looking for), but the other nurse came in and gave me the correct one, which she told me she would read...Considering I didn't hear anything about it - I'm doing good.

In the exam room Simona measured my uterus, blood pressure, and the baby's heart rate and all are good. She seemed excited that my legs weren't swelling. (Yeah for water!) She asked us about the Rhogam shot again if we were planning on taking it after the birth. I said we weren't 100% sure (I'm leaning toward yes). Out of curiosity she asked why we wouldn't want the shot. I tried to explain, but she kept hearing that I was afraid of shots (that too...) and then my knight in shining armor calmly and reasonably explained that we're not sure about putting any chemicals in my body, esp. if it may affect the baby, and have heard about mercury being in the shots. She understood better and said she's never seen any side effects. He explained we're more worried about long term effects.

After that, she asked Big Red what his blood type was and got on him for not knowing it. (He's been postponing taking his blood test that he already went to the doctor to get a referral for.)

We asked her about my dizzy spells and she told me to make sure I got up slowly in the morning and to get up from my side. If it happens during the day she recommended drinking OJ or having something with sugar since low blood sugar is usually the reason for it. *:o)

We're now waiting on hearing about the ultrasound appointment. She totally forgot she wanted me to have it until I mentioned it. (Big Red said he'd like to see the baby again so I figured we would.)

All-in-all the baby and I are healthy! Praise God!

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Gombojav Tribe said...

Good for you! Sounds like a pretty positive visit!