Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Know Your Secret, Jay Robb!

Remember that protein powder I recommended? Well, my hubby went out and bought me some more of it and I noticed something. Not only is it a new formula with more protein (1g more!), but the picture looked different. Here's my old one...

And here's the new one...

Did he join the hair club for men or photoshop the picture? It's the same exact body...They even changed the head on the back of the container! *Note: My camera wasn't cooperating this morning, but you get the idea...

Old canister:

New canister:

Hmmm...His head looks the same as from the picture of him in the front!

I went on his website and all I could find was the newer picture! The head was the same on another shot as well:

I vote "conspiracy theory"!

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