Friday, June 1, 2007

Elimination Communication & List of Recommendations

In following the link for our vegan friend from the last post, I've discovered diaperless babies!

What is Elimination Communication?
Elimination Communication - it's quite a mouthful! You can call it ECing for short ;) EC is also called infant potty training, natural infant hygiene, and diaper free. It's about raising your baby without diapers - or with minimal use of diapers.

To me, this sounds quite wacky! Any comments?

Another portion of her site is a list of things to have for your baby:
  • 5-7 One-piece body suits (onesies) - or if you're planning to EC your baby you may prefer having 5-7 baby T-shirts.
  • 3 Baby gowns: if you're having a winter baby you may want to have more gowns.
  • Several Sleeper suits: You'll like having baby cozy warm in sweet pajamas! They're good for baby to wear throughout the day
  • Socks or Booties: 7-10 pairs. You'll want to keep those little baby feet nice and warm. If you nurse lying down (and it's a very useful skill to pick up!) you'll appreciate socks covering those little toenails ;)
  • Hats: You'll want several hats. Your baby will lose most of his or her body heat through the head. Little stocking caps are good or you could choose pilot caps - they look so sweet and classic (and they stay on well - my favorite kind of baby hat!)
  • Diapers
  • 2-3 dozen cloth diapers
  • 4 diaper covers if you're using prefolds or fitted diapers. (No covers if you're using an all-in-one or pocket diapers.)
  • If you're planning to EC, you'll probably want a few
    prefolds to keep under your baby. Plan 1-2 dozen. You may also want a cover or two, or a few pocket diapers.
  • If you're using disposables, have a couple of packages of newborn size diapers and a few of size 1 diapers. You can choose
    eco-friendly disposables .
  • Even if you are going to be using cloth diapers, you may want to have a package of disposable newborn diapers to use until your baby has passed all the meconium.
  • 1-2 dozen cloth wipes , or several packages of disposable wipes.
  • Have a few small containers with rounded edges if you're planning to EC - small mixing bowls or medium food storage containers work well.
  • Get more information on the NBBC Baby Diapers pages!
  • A Sling : Definitely have a basic sling, either padded or unpadded.
  • Other Style Carriers : You may want to have other baby carrier styles that you like. You can learn more about baby carrier styles on NBBC's baby carrier pages.
  • a Nursing Pillow
  • A Hooded Towel (or 2 or 3...): These are nice and cozy to wrap your baby in after a bath.
  • Cotton Balls and Washcloths : Baby washcloths and cotton balls are nice for cleaning the corners of eyes. Use baby washcloths or regular ones for baby's body.
  • Baby Wash : Choose an all natural soap for your baby. It's ok if you clean your baby with warm water at first, but you may want a natural soap on hand.
  • Blankets: Have 5-7 receiving blankets and a few thicker, bigger blankets.
  • Burp Cloths: Have a dozen burp cloths or extra cloth diapers. These have multiple uses for quick clean-ups and you'll be glad you have them around.
  • A Car Seat: You can choose from an infant seat or a convertible seat - but be sure that whatever seat you choose is the best on the market. Your child's life is precious. Choose a 5-point harness (not a 3-point) to keep your little one safest. I personally recommend Britax car seats (read why). It only takes one accident to steal your baby away. Please use the best car seat you can, and always strap your baby in.
  • You may want other baby equipment as well. Your baby will be safe for a long time on a cozy blanket on the floor, but you may wish to have a safe place to put your child down. Some parents like to have a portable play yard or bouncy seat to keep their sleeping infant nearby.


elixir said...

I've heard of the diaperless route. I think it is more common in Asian cultures. It would not have worked for us with my first, and...I'm not sure I want to tackle it with two.
I think there is too much advice out there on baby prep. They don't require much at first. Just get some tips from friends and trust yourself.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I'm not a fan of EC for physical and emotional reasons. There are health concerns, too.

Having lived in Asia, I can say that yes babies do go diaperless. I can also attest to many babies peeing all over me and my floor and couch. And parents saying, "It's just baby pee." Hey, even baby pee can spread hepatitis!

I'll rant about EC another time. I don't think it's a good idea.

Starr said...

Thanks for the letter to the laundry. I think me and your friend would get along quite nicely!