Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I called up our midwife yesterday and let her know I am not going to get the Rhogam shot. She was a bit shocked and went into a schpeel on how the baby could be born with malformities and it could cause complications for any future children if I develop antibodies. I told her I've researched it and prayed about it and don't feel right about taking it. I let her know I didn't understand how the blood would mix until birth.

After talking to her, fear crept in. "What if my body starts attacking the baby?"; "Is the baby kicking because he's uncomfortable or because he's in pain?"; etc. In the midst of freaking myself out, my husband called down from upstairs to ask if I wanted to go for one of our daily walks. (Since we're working together it's been a joy!)

During the walk, I told him I called Simona and what happened, how I was feeling, and how frustrating it was not understanding our midwife's accent. Being the great listener that he is, he let me calmly talk it out and remember why I felt I didn't need the shot to begin with. I began thinking what a great testimony it would be to state that God made my baby healthy and perfect...not an unneccesary shot or medical procedures.

Today I researched Rh again and found:

Normally during pregnancy, your baby's blood stays separate from yours and very
few blood cells cross the placenta. In fact, your blood is not likely to
intermingle in any significant way until you give birth. That's why Rh
incompatibility is usually not a problem for your first baby: If your blood
doesn't mix until you're in labor, the baby will be born before your immune
system has a chance to produce enough antibodies to cause problems...

...Without treatment, there's about a 15 percent chance that you'll produce antibodies; with treatment, the chance is close to 0 percent. (link)

Just a quick reminder of my logic.

So, tomorrow, instead of going to the hospital for blood tests and Rhogam, we will be signing a waiver. The catch? She insists that I get an ultrasound later on to make sure the baby is doing well. I agreed (if only to avoid an argument).

Truth is, I simply want to trust God knows what He's doing. I don't need an ultrasound to make sure I make the right choice. HE is knitting our baby together and He doesn't make mistakes. Things go wrong only when we get involved and try to fix things and I feel at peace with letting go and letting God. I think I'd be more stressed out from taking the shot than from avoiding it.

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Gombojav Tribe said...

At this stage of your pregnancy how is getting a shot going to prevent malformations? Your baby is formed! If he/she was born now it would be considered a viable baby. The lungs are developing still and the brain is developing. But, all organs (including sex organs) and limbs are present already.

What "malformities" is she worried about?