Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pan Dulce Trip - May 18-20, 2007

This trip was totally a God thing. We weren't planning on going because I wasn't doing well in long car rides, but when we mentioned that to the Hernandez', they offered to let us go with them in their RV. So, we made our last minute plans with work and started packing!

Friday, we left a little before noon and headed to Don Cambell's to pick up food to bring the kids. We PACKED the RV! Don gave Mike the record for the amount of food taken in one trip.

As the border guards have pulled the RV over every time, we prayed that they wouldn't see the food. God had a better idea - we weren't stopped!

When we got in town we went straight to dinner. Since we didn't have our regular bigger group (it was just the Hernandezes, Candy and us), we ended up going to a different restaurant, Mario's. At dinner, Mico entertained us with his "party hats."

This is Mama K's dinner - chicken enchiladas! They did a beautiful job! The beans had chorizo in it, which wasn't my thing, but everyone else liked it.
After dinner we headed to Casa Hogar and unloaded. The kids all came out and helped bring things in. Another couple who visit the kids regularly, Nick and Leslie (whom the kids continually confuse me with), were down there. They had the kids watching "Night at the Museum" in English. They were, of course, still mesmerized.

They made popcorn for the kids and had salsa on it. As all the girls were rubbing my tummy my shirt didn't stay white for long...but well worth it! They were all thrilled to see us, just as we were to see them!

Eventually we headed back to the motel. Here's Mico showing us his new found hiding place under the seat in the RV. The Hernandezes were supposed to sleep in the RV, but Don had given us flowers to bring down and the water spilled all over the bed. Thankfully, they were able to get a room.

Saturday we spent the whole day with the kids. Here are the girls telling Big Red he has a baby in his belly, too! The whole time we were there I had kids all over me wanting to feel my stomach.

AnaKaren with one of the puppies. Dugli had babies again!

Cisco was left with a few of the puppies just outside their gated area.

Rebeka wanted to give Cisco another puppy...

As Jaime and his wife didn't make it, Yolanda assigned us the craft while her and Mike did the Bible study. The girls are making treasure boxes.

The study was out of Matthew, "Because where your treasure is, there will be your heart." We had the verse inside the box and gave each kid a penny. Araseli got creative and ran around collecting the jewels that were meant to decorate the boxes with.

The twins: I got to play peek-a-boo with them. Raquel actually seemed to like me this time. I think she's getting over me abandoning her.

This is Edgar (Delora is holding her). One of the girls who lived at Casa Hogar and left while I was there, Juliana, Soledad's neice, had a baby, Edgar. She's living with his dad, her boyfriend, and is thinking of getting baptised. She works with at Casa Hogar now. I was thrilled to see she was breastfeeding!

This is the old classroom, turned into a room for the older girls.

They turned the old music room into a bedroom for the girls as well. On the right you can see they knocked a hole in the wall leading to the bathroom. There was a lot of changes there. Another big change was they added a wall between the boys' and girls' rooms.

This is what the school looks like now. They're building it on their site as the city kicked the kids out of the public school and they're learning in old, torn-down modulars with nothing but a hole and tire for a restroom. Soledad hopes to be able to provide the city's kids with education here. One of the rooms is supposed to be dentist office.

The only way up to the second story is this ramp. The cement slab below it is for stairs.

Diego's growing up (right)! Our little guy!

Misael's back! We thought he'd gone home, but the kids said he was just on vacation. They said he does that a lot.

Raquel - Adorable!

Big Red's such a good influence!

Big Red holding Edgar while he sleeps...

The RV turned into the cookie factory as Candy and Sarah and the girls baked their traditional batches of "galletas" for the kids.

The whole group from this weekend.

On the way home the back of the RV was reserved for Big Red and I to lay down. We were even offered movies back there! It was a nice ride being able to lay down most of the time.

All in all, it was a great trip. Karla and Noemi were back. (They were at another home for a while for breaking the rules.) Big Red and I got to say goodbye to the kids for a while, which we didn't do the time before. Each trip is a possible final goodbye to any one of the kids as we never know when the parents will come to pick them up. Hopefully everything will work out and we'll be able to bring Junior down by December.