Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Birth

The other week my asked my mom about what went on during my birth. Here's some info I discovered:

The night my mom went into labor my mom had to throw water on my dad to wake him up. He was drunk. During the birth he took pictures, but soon found out there was no film in the camera. (I already knew this part.)

At some point before pushing the nurses told her she needed pain medicine. My mom said she was fine, but they insisted and gave her an epidural.

While pushing me out the doctors also gave her an episotomy.

When looking in my baby book, I noticed my mom noted, "Motherwas cut more than expected. Had a cafeter in for about 2 or 3 days." and that I ended up in an incubator for a day. When I asked her why I was in the incubator she didn't remember why. I asked if it was jaundis and she thought that sounded familiar.

Once again I would like to thank the incompetent OBGYNs who believe that such procedures as epidurals and episotomies should be normal for botching, once again, another birth experience.

It upsets me that she was forced to have the epidural, even though she wasn't complaining about the pain. This may have been the cause of my incubating. I wish she knew she had a voice and had someone to support her decisions.

It also upsets me that she ended up bleeding immensely due to the episotomy. If the doctors had any sense, they would have let my mother birth me gently as to avoid tears, not cut her "to avoid further tearing". The episotomy doesn't save THAT much time (a couple contractions) and it does more damage than help most of the time. Think about it: How do you tear a piece of fabric? You cut it first to weaken it and then it tears easily. The only reasons for one would deal with emergencies. If the birth was handled correctly to start with, most of the emergencies could be avoided as well.

I'm SO grateful to have my husband. Big Red desires to be a part of the birth and is taking a class with me to learn how to better coach me through the contractions. He is learning my desires for this birth and I know he will fight for them, just as he supports them. He's also been amazing in helping with everything and looking after the baby and I. Plus, with a digital camera, all we need to remember is to pack the charger!

Update 5/24/07: My mom called to let me know that my dad took birth classes with her and helped her breathe during the labor. All these years I had pictured him in the hospital with a hang over...I guess my awaited arrival sobered him up! *:oD
I also found out that she could only breastfeed me for 3-4 months because she had developed sprue and couldn't give me the nutrition I needed. Blake got fed for like a year, though.

I asked about the epidural and she said she had planned a natural birth, which is why they went to the classes, but the Dr. told her he'd give her something anyway. He insisted on giving her the epidural during labor. She thinks it slowed the labor down, though, since she was 8-1/2 cm dialated when she got to the hospital and then had to wait for the epidural to wear off in order to push me out.

The following night, when they took me home, my mom cooked dinner for a full house. She mentioned this after I saying she'd be willing to help us out after the baby gets here. Now I feel like I'm a wuss for thinking I may need help!

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