Saturday, May 26, 2007


I had my first cleaning binge today. I've been wanting to tackle to bathroom for a long time, but haven't had the energy and I'm not supposed to play with chemicals. Big Red said he'd get to it and mentioned cleaning for today, so I decided to start while he went to the shooting range.

I got the tub and inside the toilet and the bathroom sink. I also went through a few of our numerous stacks of papers and moved a bunch of stuff around, sorted laundry (Big Red won't let me carry it down), organized scrapbook stuff, etc. When Big Red got home he finished all I started. Yeah! He claims I was "nesting"...I guess so!

Later on, we found out today that our neighbors have officially taken off...that is, the mother and 2 kids have moved to Georgia. The dad is still here, getting everything ready to be moved and repainting the walls (the kids left some artwork).

The dad dropped by, as promised, to let us know the crib is ours. Big Red helped bring it over. Since we didn't have any room for it, Big Red decided we could finally get rid of the couch (thank you, Brent for the love in giving it to us). As Big Red was taking the couch apart our neighbor came over and gave us their old changing table as well! It looks like we're set!

So, our apartment looks a little different today. First of all, it's actually clean and somewhat organized. Second, the couch is gone. On top of that, all the baby stuff is out in the living room. Big Red set up the crib and changing table and we stuffed the stroller under the crib and took out all the goodies we had stored for Junior.

I feel more like a mommy now! I even went as far as laying out the blanket and putting the little onsie we have ("If you can read this you're close enough to change my diaper!") on it as if the baby were sleeping.

List of things waiting for Junior so far:
  1. Crib
  2. Changing table
  3. Baby carrier
  4. Baby monitor
  5. Blanket
  6. Onsie
  7. Stroller/Car seat set
  8. Maya wrap
  9. Breasts and arms! (see Daja's blog)

We're registered already, but that doesn't put anything in our possession and it's not set as of yet. We'll have to delete the crib and changing table now! We also have a friend who will be giving us a rocking chair!

Anyway...just a little update! Can't wait for Junior's arrival!

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