Friday, May 11, 2007


For the past 5 years or so my parents have made it a tradition to go to Catalina for Mother's Day. They piggy-backed with some friends who started going when they moved out here to California without their children. They've invited my brother and I and last year Big Red came with us.

This year the plans were changed. We didn't hear about it until yesterday. Their friends who go with them are out of town so my mom made plans to go kayaking and, since we didn't hear of anything going on, we're planning on attending a baby dedication and reception.

I called my mom yesterday to stress her out on if we were going to see her and if she had anything planned. (Okay, it wasn't my purpose to stress her out, but it happened.) She told me the change of plans and later called asking if we wanted to still go to Catalina. Being that I'm pregnant and we'd like to save money we said no. Plus we'd really like to stick with our plans on the baby dedication. So, maybe we'll have dinner or something.

ANYWAY! I come to work today to find out that there is a huge fire near Avalon in Catalina that started yesterday afternoon so there's no way we could've gone anyway. (The article's here.)

All this to say: How ironic it is that everything worked so that no plans were cancelled and Mother's Day lives on.

Oh! And be sure to be praying for the Catalina residents. Some are thinking of it as a 100 year fire as the last one was 90 years or so ago. Here is an article on the last fire.

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