Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I thought I'd share some of the random things I have on my computer...mostly pictures and comics...

Bound for Life organized prayer seiges for life. This one is held at Washing DC. The volunteers, mostly kids/young adults, place the red tape over their mouth with the word, "LIFE" on it and simply pray for the unborn. Our pastor's wife told us how she'd seen the balls and taken one of the strips home to remind her to pray.

Reminds me of an old life...
Yes, I'm a nerd.

Found on a blog of someone, I believe...

One of my favorite kids, Captain!

Our chef at Shogun in Claremont. I think all the chefs there are nuts and totally into entertaining the guests.

The Gombojavs! Blake had an ice hockey mascot gig and we all showed up to show our support...and watch our first live ice hockey game!

Blake, I mean Spike's mom, making Big Red sign for him - I mean her!

My brother in his new hat and I in his old. We all went to the rodeo for my birthday this past year. Yeehaw!

These are our friends, Joy and Kevin. We joined them for a Christmas tradition of going by Fair Oaks Fountain Shop & Pharmacy. They have soda jerks and all!

I saw this van and thought it looked weird so I took a pic. Why would you put extra wheels in the back?!

Big Red and I all dolled up and ready to head to Palmdale to watch Scarlet Pimpernel

My honey doing the hulahoop...he did better than my neice!

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Awww...pictures of us! :-)

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