Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Prego T-Shirts!

I found these on-line today at Cafe Press. Here are a few of my favorites (I've provided links for some)!:

For Mommy:
Yes. I’m Pregnant. We aren’t finding out the baby’s gender. I’m due in August.

I’m Pregnant. What’ Your Excuse?

Let me out of here!!

Bun in the Oven

Never take for granted the ability to sleep on your belly or your back.

I’m growing a human…what did YOU do today?

knocked up

Am I showing yet? (and it’s shaped to the mommy’s belly)


Sleep is for the WEAK

And Mom thinks SHE is uncomfortable?

I’m Not Lazy
I’m Pregnant

Oops…Swallowed a Watermelon Seed!


not finding out.

Baby Under Construction

Jesus was Breastfed

Dave’s Youngest Fan Lives in my Belly

My To Do List:
1. Get out of bed
2. Try to stay awake
3. Go back to bed
4. Try to sleep
5. Repeat

Please Submit All Parenting Advice in Writing

Irish Baby on Board

I Breastfeed in Public but please feel free to take your meal to the restroom

This IS my favorite parasite

Because I’m pregnant, That’s why!

Yes, I’m pregnant again
Yes, we know what causes it

No, I’m Not Having Twins. Yes. I’m Sure!

But that’s ok because I’m not the mother.
I’m a proud surrogate!

No, I have not had that baby yet.
But thanks for the reminder.

Oops! We did it again

Birth control is for sissies.

Why do we have a large family? We’re trying to outnumber the selfish people!


For Baby:
My Daddy Does My Hair

Daddy Drinks because I Cry!

Does this Diaper Make My Butt Look Fat?

If you think I nap a lot, you should see my grandpa

My last place didn’t have enough womb

Boobies Are Mine, Back Off Daddy!

Daddy loves me (I gave mommy boobs)

If You Can Read This You’re Close Enough to CHANGE MY DIAPER

I Look Like My Daddy He’s Bald Too!

Is the cheek pinching really necessary?

I want my booby!

My parents didn’t sleep last night

My Mom went to a Baby Shower (and all I got was this lousy t-shirt)

Neighbor of the Beast

Dentally challenged

Don’t let the bald head fool ya! I’m a girl

Gas for $3 per gallon? Heck, I’m givin’ it away for free!

For Daddy:
Dad-to-be 2007

I’m Not Fat
It’s Sympathy Weight

This isn’t a beer gut. My wife is pregnant & this is my sympathy belly.

My Pregnant Wife Scares Me

I’m 50% sure it’s a BOY!

My wife’s fetus can beat up your wife’s fetus

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