Monday, April 30, 2007

God works!...doesn't He?

I found an article, "Morgue staff found dead man very much alive", while looking through my daily blogs and thought, "who's to say he didn't really die?" Is the hospital staff in wonder just like those guarding the tomb? I know, it could just be some stupid mistake...but the guy's family was already in mourning after hearing the news. Did someone shout, "Oh, God, no!" and the man was given back life?

The reason I bring this us is it reminded me of our service yesterday. We ended up having a prayer service.

One woman shared about her son-in-law's denial of God working miracles today. She was so upset that he would pastor a church, love the Bible, but deny God's power. Recently, one of his kids and he got extremely sick. She believes that it's God wanting to do something in his life. Like he won't be healed until he finally believes and asks God to heal him. We prayed his eyes would be open to God's healing power and mercy.

We also prayed for a couple of girls who just graduated college, Marlia (who has arthritis), and a couple who just got engaged...along with many others.

What got me was when we were praying for healing over Marlia. She sat in a chair and was surrounded by people, some at her feet. One man prayed and it went something like this, "In the name of Jesus we command your body to be aligned and completely whole and healthy!" He was praying in the authority God gave him. Right after, I was thinking, "Great! Get up! You're healed!" But there was nothing...everyone kept saying, "yes" and no one told her to get up and walk KNOWING it was done. They continued to pray, but it seemed the faith was lacking.

THIS isn't how Jesus and the disciples healed people! I understand it can be a process, but if you're going to pray in authority then you had better believe in that authority and take the extra step to see it through. Faith is believing in what you cannot see. When you pray, have faith that you WILL see it!

(Before I got on...I'm totally not there yet. I've heard from God and had prayers answered, but it's all been few and far between or very minor, like, "God, please help me find my keys!")

I love my church, don't get me wrong. People are always open to hearing God's voice and giving each other words of encouragement that only God could bring. We also have visitors who come in and heal people. I'm just lost because we had just heard about this guy who didn't believe in God's healing and the whole congregation was appauled because we KNOW He still works...and then we prayed for Marlia, but it seems it was all without expecting. I don't get it...

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