Friday, March 30, 2007

Text Messaging

Big Red and I have been text messaging all our relationship. It started when he let me know he made it safe to his parents when he was driving really late. Some days it seemed to be our only form of communication throughout the day.

Well, I just thought I'd share some messages that have made my day...or at least made me laugh:

Oscar says I look like a leprechan with my jacket and ENGINEERING shirt. I told him I'm going to steal his lucky charms. (This was attached with a picture of him in his blue/green striped shirt that all engineers tend to have and the new green jacket I got him)

My 3rd one. It is midnight, do you know where your boyfriend is? :D (This was accompanied with a picture of a latte from Applebees - addict!.)

My version of a mass advertising campaign.
(Accompanied with a black and white version on the picture on the right with my ring circled and an arrow stating "Engaged". He had put it up just outside his cubicle.)

You seem so very close, With every touch and breath. But when you must retire, I can bear it less and less.

Ok. Tomorrow.
&:()> ----> 0:(O>
I'm just teasing! ;o) (Comments on me cutting his hair for the first time.)

Can't kick the habit. :D (Accompanied with a picture of him unlocking our apartment door - 2 days before our wedding and he was still working on making the place home.)

You are amazing! (In response to his gift on our wedding day.)

...How is your day? It feels really good but different to be married. Hard to describe. (Nov. 20)

The ladies giggled cause I'm getting to work early. I told them you get up early so thats why.

Aaaah! We are going to be parents! Not that is wasnt obvious before.

Sign! I love you!

I want to hurry up and get a couch so we can watch a romance and make out. (With the flirty animation attached.)

Wish it was you! My beautiful queen, my heavenly treasure specially made for me by the Father. I love you! And appreciate you being there for me. (Accompanied by a picture of Big Red laying next to a pillow dressed in my PJs...he was sick and I had to work...)

I'm sorry! You are amazing for putting up with all this so we can have a kid!

Yes, you are unforgetable. She definitely remembered you. I called her to see if my book was there. She didn't see it...(He'd gone to the blood center and the nurse remembered me...I had passed out...)

Jean said we should have waited on getting baby stuff. And get it all at the baby shower. If we bring a gift into the world, it is the least people can do.

Vilma brought her grandbaby in. She let me hold him. He didn't cry or anything. I hope our kid is like that.

Yah?! I think the best advice is don't go outside to look for small dogs. (In response to the strong winds we were having.)

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