Wednesday, March 21, 2007


There's an article on that has asked for people's opinions on Disney creating a new princess, Princess Maddy. Here is one person's response:

Phyllis Leopold of Milford, Michigan

They might just be cartoons, but I'm disturbed by the princessification of American girls. Teaching them that they're all princesses and that they're destined for a perfect life with a perfect prince in a perfect world is setting them up for the crushing of those dreams when they realize that they're not princesses, and that they'll achieve nothing in this world without hard work. Every one of Disney's princesses -- from Snow White to Ariel -- has never lifted a finger to make their dreams come true. Everything they desired was given them by a fairy godmother or their royal parents or a bunch of singing animals. I'm afraid it creates a sense of entitlement that girls might carry into adulthood -- the "What have you done for me lately?" attitude. Girls, no one owes you anything. You owe yourself. Make yourself a princess by achieving your own dreams. Then that thing on your head won't just be a tiara, it will be a CROWN. (

Now I understand that society doesn't treat women the way they used to - there's no pressure for modesty, opening doors, training a daughter to cook, clean, how to relate to men, etc. The whole feminist movement and fight for equal rights has given men the excuse to treat their daughters/wives/girlfriends like any other man. Gone are the days when a woman was able to live with her parents until marriage because she was the father's responsiblity until then. Society now looks down on women for not moving out and getting on their own two feet - career, independence, and all.
No longer do women know what is to be expected of them as their role has expanded to include man's curse. Women are to be delicate and need their man, yet tough and strong and independent; we need to hold a career while making house; we need to climb the corporate ladder and know everything that's going on with our children; we need to work harder than men on the work force and then even harder than men in keeping the house clean, cooking, washing clothes, yard work, and even plumbing.
In all this we forget that we are princesses and that God made us different than men - just as important, but different. We are meant to compliment our man, not be a man. We are daughters of the King! He continually desires to give us kisses and to draw us near Him. If only we had intimacy with our Father and if our desires matched His...we'd have our dreams.
I was raised to be strong and independent. I couldn't cry in a sad movie, I had to be able to fix my car (or know enough not to get ripped off), I had to be able to open my own pickle jars, hold a steady job, never show weakness, etc. I felt I couldn't be delicate and feminine because it was silly. I had to take care of myself because, "what if I never get married?" I wasn't taught how to cook or anything about men. I was told, "don't have sex" and that was the border line for purity.
The past few years, in realizing my role as a woman and in finding a man and getting married, I've had to break those habits and find out for myself that sex isn't where impurity begins. Let me tell you - none of it is easy! I've been lucky enough to have examples in my life to mentor me. I've learned it's okay and even good to cry and that I need to trust my husband in everything - it's what makes a woman attractive to a man. Men love it when we ask them to open a jar for us or ask their opnion on how to do something because we are depending on their manliness, which all men are proud to have.
As of yet, I'm definitely not perfect and rid of my independent habits. I have an opinion for everything, esp. when it comes to making a trip or action more efficient - and I can voice it. I think I know best and don't always trust my husband, like I should.
Through all my faults, he still treats me like a princess. I hope it's because he knows I try and not just because I'm pregnant. *:oD Through all the "morning" sickness (who named that?! morning?!) I've had to depend on him for a LOT...and it's been great! I love that he's taken over cooking and washing clothes and dishes. He doesn't do it with a woman's touch, but it gets done and is always done well. It's been a huge relief! I haven't done anything to deserve how good he treats me...or even him. Like I've said before, I was going to settle for less in a husband - but I received more than I could have ever desired...and I definitely don't deserve it! Big Red has been an amazing gift from God. I'm my Father's princess and He gives me what I don't deserve...I'm a sinner and deserve death - but He's given me life!
The Bible story is a great love story and it's about us! God made us because He wanted someone to love, we threw it back in His face and told Him we knew better, He sent His only Son to earth to be mocked, beaten and killed...and all to win our hearts! In the New Testament He is constantly drawing Israel closer to Him and giving them blessings they don't deserve just because He chose them. He shows His jealous love every time Israel plays the harlot. He does big things to bring them back...even now! He had mad, passionate, raging love for us and does all He can to get us to turn to Him. If we get distracted by things, He'll take it all away to win our hearts...and He doesn't want just part of our heart, but all of it.
Princesses aren't meant to be worshiped. To be a child of God, the first needs to be last. We need to have a servant heart to be royalty, not an attitude of superiority, but humility. This is the attitude the Disney princesses had. They weren't known for bossing people around, but for their feminity and desire to help others. They had womanly qualities...the ones we are made to have: curiosity, wisdom, humility, etc. They KNEW that they weren't #1 and didn't demand to be treated as such.
What does it take to be a princess? Know your Father, the King. Only He can and desires to fulfill the passions of your heart. Be who He created you to be.

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Gombojav Tribe said...

Nice, Heather!

I think we should encourage our girls to be princesses, but not as in, "I'm the princess, yield to me."

Looking at old stories the princesses were always virtuous, pure, lovely, meek, with strong character. I think those seeds of good character is what made their dreams come true.

I'm glad David treats you like a princess. I have noticed it. I'm so happy your dreams are coming true!