Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Pregnancy!

My friends, Kristin and Brian, have been trying to get pregnant for some time, with much heartache.

Well, as of March 12, they're pregnant! Praise God!

They are definitely coveting your prayers! Their last baby was lost due to a hospital's mistake. Remember the article of Rh factor? The doctor didn't think anything of her bleeding and didn't hasten the blood test so she got the shot too late and her body was treating the baby as a virus. I can't imagine the grief she went through. She was coming up on the end of her first trimester when it happened.

She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and it broke. Throughout this time her strength and reliance on God brought her through. Her husband wrote about it on his myspace:
I never thought I had a hero, but over the last year I have discovered that I do. My wife and I have been through some very difficult and challenging times in the past 12 months. My wife is so strong, I have watched her suffer, both physically and emotionally...but when its all over, she is still concerned about the well being of everyone else. We lost a baby last March (2005) and she was so strong through the whole thing...always kept a positive outlook. Last weekend (March 4, 2006) we lost our 2nd baby. Things were going great, we saw the baby and the heartbeat! We were proud parents, and everyone around us knew how happy we were. My wife has a problem with her blood and that led to complications and the baby just couldnt hold on any longer. Everything happened at the hospital, which was better for my wife...had it of happened at home, I am not sure she would be ok. She is physically ok, and the Dr.s said she can get pregnant again, now they know whats wrong with her blood and they know how to fix it now. Emotionally, she is not doing so good. She tries to blame herself for what happened. We are slowly getting past this, and she says in time we will try again...and one day we will have another baby. MY WIFE IS MY HERO. I love her more and more everyday. For those of you who read this and know my wife, I hope you know what a truly amazing person she is.

This Sunday, she got a little kiss..."Church was awesome! When church was over, this man that goes there, came up to me and he said he felt he needed to pray for me. So he did, and it was so amazing what he said when he was praying, like he knew I was pregnant and needed prayer! I keep praying everyday that this pregnancy will be healthy and full term...I want nothing more than to welcome a little miracle in November! "

Praise God! How amazing He is to remind her that He cares and has her on His mind and heart! He loves her so much that He sent this man, told him what was going on, and had him pray for her as if it was direct from His mouth. Wow!

Please keep her and her baby in your prayers. I believe God wants to fulfill this desire of her heart...to have a baby! Motherhood is an amazing journey and blessing and I can't wait to go through it with her!

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